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Forum posts for Guitar hero controller mod.

Posted by crux on Aug 01, 2007
This URL you typed is unavailable at this time.

The internet is also a constant source of false hope and disappointment. Our idea was better anyway; mostly because it would be hard to suck at rocking out an 8-bit light show.

Posted by jessie on Aug 01, 2007
broken for YOU! though this link is completely wasted on me. However i did enjoy some of the interesting words and terms used, and will find ways to fit them into everyday conversation at work.

words like "nerdstrument" and "keytar" made it worth me clicking on this link.

Posted by crux on Aug 01, 2007
Sorry. I should have explained my post better. The original link worked for me as well. The link within the link that I assume would have shown me how to construct my very own keytar was the disappointing unavailable URL.

Though maybe it's for the best that I couldn't read it. Pete, how would you feel about being the proud owner of a Guitar Hero guitar that was totally useless in terms of actually playing Guitar Hero? Not that I was ever planning on giving it back to you. You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.