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Forum posts for Using Lakes to Cool Us Down

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 13, 2007
Wow....I had first read about this project when it was in the planning phase. I had no clue it was in use already, and just how many buildings were using it. That's pretty awesome.

Posted by fanoom on Jul 14, 2007
It's a great idea for reducing the use of power, but I would have to wonder what kind of ecological impact something like this would do over time. Sure the system is essentially recharged every winter, but with our milder and milder winters will the system not eventually out pace itself? Of course we're talking about a huge volume of water and the overall system won't be impacted very much. However a local impact of warmer then normal water could cause maybe a thriving habbitat for an invading species that will eventually wipe out the colder water lake fish. Or the raw sewage that we pipe out into Lake Ontario will kill them first...Hrmmm... I like to ramble

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 14, 2007
From what I read from that, they don't pump the water back out into the lake, but into our drinking water instead. So the lake would naturally replenish what's missing is what I gathered.

Posted by Miguel on Jul 16, 2007
Last year my building got into this, its called the enwave cooling system. Hudson's Bay Company is the first North American Retailer to use it!