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Forum posts for how about them local sports teams?

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 13, 2007
I can't commit to anything this winter yet, but I would recommend that you join the dodgeball team this year if we get that off the ground. I'm totally buying some wrenches as I'm the coach this time.

Posted by weberm1 on Jul 13, 2007
i would potentially be up for some indoor soccer. don't count me in 100%, but it would be fun to play i the winter.

dodgeball would be fun too, so let me know what you decide. i do throw like a girl though, consider yourself warned.

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 13, 2007
So does Trevor, but we let him play.

And really, the game is more about dodging and catching. If you can catch the ball well, you're far more lethal.

Posted by bryan on Jul 13, 2007
My catching skills are sub-par, but I am slippery and elusive.

Posted by Miguel on Jul 13, 2007
O'm always up for sports...especially basketball and soccer.

And Dodgeball...always dodgeball.

Posted by weberm1 on Jul 13, 2007
sure you are Miguel. is that why you won't join the team i'm on?

Posted by jessie on Jul 15, 2007
balls + sneaky = jessie!

i have all these sporty outfits that are so useless in the winter unless you let me join. i do not promise to be good at anything though. except baking cookies.

Posted by crux on Jul 16, 2007
Well that could come in handy Jessie. Last year we did consider a plan to drug some baked goods and give them to the other teams. You know? To bring them down (up?) to our approximate level.

Posted by jessie on Jul 16, 2007
I am not sure how I feel about using my baking for evil.

Who am I kidding!?! I love this idea.... I am going to practice, and you will never know if I am providing you with a clean or laced pie, hahahaha!

Posted by crux on Jul 16, 2007
Ok, but at least lace it with someone fun.

Count me in!
Posted by pudding on Jul 17, 2007
I would be very interested in indoor soccer or dodgeball this fall or winter. Maybe fall would be better because some of the places were not too accessible and I would prefer not to freeze too much.

Let me know what you guys work out.