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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for June 18th 2007@

Posted by Palmer on Jun 19, 2007
That's an interesting comment about weekday weddings. I have never been at a weekday wedding (well, unless you count Friday night as a weekday).

The other atrocity out there is the long weekend wedding. I hate when people throw their wedding on a long weekend because it just snags away one of the precious gems in my life. Heck, chances are you're a good enough friend that I can take an afternoon off to drive up to wherever the heck you are getting married.

oh yeah
Posted by weberm1 on Jun 19, 2007
i love the new year's wedding. seriously, who does this? i know of one person and i thought it was stupid. lucky for me, i wasn't invited so didn't have to waste a new years at a wedding.

Posted by jenn_in_ireland on Jun 21, 2007
Paul, I think you are being unfairly harsh on midweek weddings. Planning a wedding (I am discovering) is very complicated and very expensive. And guess what: a 20% discount makes a big difference to people that have limited funds. Also, wedding venues get booked up WAY in advance and sometimes you can't get the day you want.

But if you don't like the day they chose, there's a simple solution: Don't go.

Posted by Katie on Jun 22, 2007
If you go out for dinner with your girlfriend and all her work colleagues, think ahead of time about these two things:

1) Using your inside voice when talking about drugs
2) Not disclosing that the friend of your gf, who is planning on applying to the company, is a regular drug user

If you don't think about these, especially together, you may end up booming out across the table that the friend is a huge drug user, in front of the people who will be interviewing her in the near future.

Just a thought.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 22, 2007
Oh gods....

And he does PR for a company? Be afraid!

Posted by phduffy on Jun 22, 2007
And he does PR for a company?

No, he does not.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 22, 2007
Hrm.... You did this? Hah!

Posted by Palmer on Jun 22, 2007
deets please.

Sarah is an unhappy woman
Posted by Katie on Jun 22, 2007
The details are as follows:

We were out for dinner last night with a bunch (read most) of Sarah's and my coworkers. Paul joined us. We were talking about Sarah's friend Lydia, who is planning on applying for a job with us. I was saying that I found her a bit intense, and Sarah was explaining that she just talks really fast. At which point Paul adds in the following comment (at his regular loud voice level):

"Well she smokes a lot of weed"

Now, granted, our table had a few people who may not have been listening, and a few others who found it ridiculously hilarious that he said that. But the situation could have been much much worse.

As it was, there was a giant moment of silence before Sarah and I started laughing and there was one guy that heard the comment who is steadfastly against the use of drugs.

Posted by Katie on Jun 22, 2007
another thing. I was trying to imply that I found her intense because I myself was high when I met her. But nobody seemed to be getting that.

So maybe coming right out and saying it is good? In the right situation of course.

Posted by Palmer on Jun 23, 2007
Hahah...that is an awesome story.

Let's hope that Paul could pull of the mysterious look of "Just joking guys!"