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Forum posts for What would it take?

My thoughts
Posted by pudding on Nov 23, 2003
First, I hope that any individual country would not take unilateral action given the presence of a world body (yes it is slow to act, but that is due to several fundamental problems with its structure - ie veto power). Ideally, if this unilateral invasion was to occur, the world as a whole would then tag team the invader and remove them..

I think any proposed intervention require the request or knowledge that the local population is suffering and requires/requests outside help (as the govt usualy has all the guns, and protests only mean death). However, this is difficult due to govt constrained communication.

If this request is made, I think there is a 2nd requirement: a majority vote (whether it is 2/3 or whatever %) cast by a world body (the UN or some sort of new incarnation).

However, to tie this back into reality, what is the critical level of suffering before intervention occurs?... 500,000 deaths?... or would state-sponsored oppression, infringement of human rights *coughhomelandsecuritycough* and reckless fear-mongering be considered invasion-worthy acts?

I hope this tries to answer your question. Everyone please give some feedback.

Fool me once..
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 23, 2003
this has nothing to do with anything.. but god damn it made me laugh

Posted by phduffy on Nov 23, 2003
That clip was money. I think I have a website of the day for tomorrow!