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Forum posts for Long Weekend

Posted by Nerhael on May 09, 2007
I believe it's to Nathan's cottage for the doing of building shits.

Posted by Numinous on May 09, 2007
I will be working the saturday woot woot!!

Posted by noodle on May 10, 2007
who all plans on coming up?

i'm not exactly sure now what sort of building projects are going to get accomplished besides some small ones since i'm only off for the weekend and not the week like previously assumed

i'm sure if there's a bunch of people we could accomplish something

Posted by Nerhael on May 10, 2007
Are there capacity constraints? I'd be game for going up, and have room in my car for 3 others, 4 if comfort isn't a factor.

Posted by noodle on May 10, 2007
the cottage contains....2 double beds which are up for grabs, a double pullout couch which is up for grabs, 2 recliners which i suppose you could also sleep on...and a minimal amount of carpeted floor....also ample room if anyone is ambitous enough to set up a tent outside

Posted by mike on May 11, 2007
I'm in. I call not floor.

Posted by noodle on May 11, 2007
alright so mike is down for an evelated sleeping surface...check

Posted by fanoom on May 11, 2007
I'm going up to Nathan's with a tent and an air matress.

Why you ask? For fun with electricity and power tools of course....and the ingestion of mass amounts of my prefered alcoholic beverage. And hopefully a little grab ass in the woods.

Posted by noodle on May 11, 2007
don't get too gun-ho dude
i don't think we're gonna do the ceiling this long weekend
we don't have the wood and we are only gonna be there like 3 days
we are gonna do the bathroom i'm thinking and maybe some painting
most of the time we will be hanging out, drinking, fishing, kayaking, sitting on the beach, burning things, and perhaps chainsawing....we'll save the heavy work for now till i get myself more organized and carolyn and i know what's going on and when we are going to accomplish certain things

hope that doesn't disappoint you

Posted by mike on May 14, 2007
Do you have a shovel (spade end) and a sledge happer? If you do not are you able to procure them? I have a plan...

Posted by noodle on May 14, 2007
i assume you're referring to the shovel of the squared variety
and yes i do have one...however no sledgehammer or the ability to obtain one
do i dare ask what trickery you may have thought of?