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Forum posts for Just wondering

Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
Not sure, but I believe that the 2$ increase in cigarette taxes is supposed to increase revenues by about $200 million a year. I assume that that factors in that people will smoke less now that cigarettes cost more.
However, please don't try to tell me what a boon smokers are to the economy. At least they're finally banning smoking in public places in Ontario, continuing our reputation as one of the most progressive areas of the world.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2003
Who's more strict than us, and what all do they do?

Economic costs of smoking
Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
Here's a page that lists the economic costs of smoking:

Here's a page with a bunch of links to studies on the subject:

Of course it's damn hard to do a study like this without being biased. But take a look around and see what you think.

Posted by Polfuss on Nov 21, 2003
That study seems very biased

Posted by mike on Nov 21, 2003
All smokers should be shot. Right in the brain. That seems to be the only thing that will get all the non-smokers to stop bitching.

What would be the economic cost of that?

Ok guys...
Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
I've decided not to be diplomatic about this.

There is nothing good about smoking. Don't give me some horseshit about how many jobs it creates, or the tax dollars, or anything else.

Smoking takes money from poor people (since they smoke way more than average or rich people) and gives it to big american companies. It then proceeds to kill these people early on in their life, as well as their friends.

The loss of jobs from getting rid of smoking is FAR outweighted by the increased productivity you get when no one smokes.

I don't understand how otherwise intelligent people can smoke. It strikes me as perhaps the most selfish thing you can do in a social setting.