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Forum posts for more contraversy

Posted by Polfuss on Nov 20, 2003
What does the law say is the latest point you can abbort a kid? They seem to keep everyone in mind. I think..........

Latest time to abort
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2003
I think it's like 3 months or something isn't it?

RE: abortion
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2003
I would agree with this particular version of abortion acceptance.

Abortion makes me uneasy, but I think that the real issue is when the life becomes more than a plant in the soil. If brain activity starts at 6 weeks, that's a good start for determining the start of self awareness, which is when I'd say life shouldn't be 'aborted'.

Some facts
Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
Instead of posting my arguments on why you should be able to abort anytime in the first or second trimester but not the third, I'll just post the links to arguments made my people that are smarter than me on this subject. Wait, that's sort of ambigous. They're smarten than me at everything, and I am posting their points on this subject.

Shit, the other one is a pay to read. Whatever, just read the first one, that will provide some content.

I went looking for other stuff and didn't find it, so this will have to suffice.

three months
Posted by Polfuss on Nov 20, 2003
I think that up untill three months there is a posibilty of a misscarige. Cause my sister wanted to wait for three months untill she started telling people about her pregnancy

I think you are correct
Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
Polfuss, I think you're right. One of the arguments that pro choice people are now using is that it appears that miscarriages are much more common than previously thought. If you take miscarriages and add them to abortion, some people claim that as many as 45% of women under 45 (in Britain) have had one or the other. So the argument becomes that it's a relatively common thing.

first or second?
Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 20, 2003
If someone is going to say that abortion should be allowed up to six months because it is not a person yet, they should think about someday when maybe they and the person they love are trying to have a baby and it miscarriges after four months... or maybe that's no big deal, because it won't really be a person yet. (psst, the last line is sarcastic)

Miscarriage vs Abortion
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2003
Those are not the same.

Even if you did think that life wasn't there up till 6 months, a miscarriage at any point woudl have a devastating effect, because regardless of whether or not it was 'alive' yet, you planned on it becoming a life, so in that case, for all purposes it was alive.

If you're planning on a baby, I would expect that at almost no point, even less than 6 weeks, would it go over that easily.

I'm not saying
Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
that miscarriages and abortion are the same. Just that that's how certain organizations are looking at things. I think it was the British women's league or something. If you search for them you should find something.

And another thing...
Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2003
I think that some of the anti abortion people think that some people view abortion as a form of birth control. I highly doubt this is the case, and I'l bet that in 95% + of abortions it's a huge decision for the woman involved. I don't think it's ever something that's taken lightly.

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 21, 2003
I just think today and here, everyone knows the possible consequences for having sex and we should be able to handle those consequences well.

Posted by Polfuss on Nov 21, 2003
I think that if young kids get pregnant and decide to have an abortion because they are young alot of blame has to fall on the parents, who don't talk to there kids about sex and just assume that they arn't having it we've got to be responsible for our actions and if you can't talk to your kids about birthcontrol then mabey you shouldn't have kids

all interesting points.
Posted by mike on Nov 21, 2003
You know something that really sucks? I really like raw peas, the fresh ones that you can get from farms in the summer.

This year I didn't get any peas. This has made me sad.

When I think about it I am not sure that I ate any strawberries this year either. No wait, I did. Well at least that's something.

i won't argue about this but just wait f
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 21, 2003
I can't really argue about this...

due to the fact i believe strongly that individuals should have the right to make any decision that applies to their body...

so, decisions surrounding abortion should be left up to the mother...
the father may have some input but the final say should always be the mother..

also you must understand that no matter what you tell people, no matter what you try to make illegal ... people will still do what they want to..

back in the day when abortions could not be performed in hospitals they were still performed.. sometimes in back-room clinics.. sometimes in alleys...

interesting point
Posted by mike on Dec 02, 2003
Trevor Marshall, re: abortion debate.
"due to the fact i believe strongly that individuals should have the right to make any decision that applies to their body..."

I like this point of your Trevors. Mostly because it's fun to twist people's words.

If you believe strongly that individuals should have the right to make decisions about their body then would the abortion issue for you come down to at what point the fetus becomes an individual? If the fetus is regarded as an individual then shouldn't it have the right to decide wwhat happens to it? But then again how could you ask it.

Not stating an opinion here, just screwing around.