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Forum posts for Holy Crap - Do Not Go To This Restaurant

Posted by Palmer on Apr 16, 2007
This is the most insane story I have ever heard.

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 16, 2007

When did this happen?
What kind of acid do they routinely store in restaurants?
(I know Joyce got sprayed in the face with something once...)

No news coverage..??
You'd think you would hear something about an issue like this.
Shouldn't the restaurant be shut down?

I would guess that the pass/fail system would probably count improper storage of chemicals (namely when the storage is IN customers) as a definite fail.

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 16, 2007
It looks fancy

Check it

Posted by Mr.Anthony on Apr 16, 2007
This internet post is nothing but balderdash, slander, poppycock and shenanigans.

LIttle Anthony's is one of the gastronomical pillars of Toronto. A finer restaurant would be hard to find in this city. Perfect service, immaculate linens and ambrosical cuisine that even the most refined epicurean is helpless but to label as mana from heaven.

Acid in bottles of San Pelegrino? Utter nonsense! What's next, the man on the moon or women getting the vote?

I suggest that the author of this ludicrous missive, a Mr. phduffy, curtail his visits to opium dens and bawdy houses in the hopes of regaining his facilities of reasoning and deduction.

A Good Day!


A concerned citizen in no way associated with that most refined of establishments, Little Anthony's

Posted by phduffy on Apr 17, 2007
To answer some questions:

Yes, this is real.

I have no idea why it wasn't in the media. I assume that the restaurant wants to keep it quiet. However, upon further review, I don't know if it was the restaurant's fault, or if she had an unopened bottle of Sam Pellegrino, and it's their fault.

So I don't know why the restaurant would have that stuff.

I'm not 100% sure on the date, but I think that this happened about 10 days ago today, so sometime around Easter weekend.

I don't know about shutting the restaurant down, I guess they'd have to investigate first? Hell, maybe it is shut down.