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Forum posts for Who wants to help do some Renos

Posted by fanoom on Apr 12, 2007
Beer you say, I enjoy drinking such a beverage, and working with pneumatic tools while drinking said beverage. However the beer doesn't come into play until after the electrical is done.

Posted by noodle on Apr 12, 2007
true....we don't need anyone falling into a giant tub of beer while holding on to a toaster

I suck at everything
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 12, 2007
but i can learn quick.. and sweep.. and cool beer and roll joints
I am not 100% sure I have time in May due too the insane RV trip, but there is a good chance....

May 24?

Lets cut off someone's thumb!

Posted by Thrillhouse on Apr 13, 2007
I like the fact that this is posted under Dumb Ideas.

Posted by mike on Apr 13, 2007
I've played this game before... everyone is a winner.

The people next door are very helpful with tips on fire safety... the flames were never THAT much taller than me, I don't get the big deal.

Posted by noodle on Apr 13, 2007 was a controlled burn....i think they were just threatened by its awesomeness and massive destruction it caused to that wishing well