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Forum posts for Rides for Easter

Posted by fanoom on Apr 03, 2007
Pssst, I'm pretty sure we're up from you not down.

Posted by James H> on Apr 03, 2007
I might be interested in a ride home. Any idea on what time you would be heading out on Thursday?

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 04, 2007
Right now, it's up to Joyce and maybe Schaus. I would say between 6 and 7:30ish?

Posted by fanoom on Apr 05, 2007
Prepare for a long drive, we're being shit on currently with fucking snow. The roads south of here that I've driven on so far today are slush covered and over all in poor condition. So beware of ice on your way up here in the evening since all that slush is going to freeze and the ditches will still be soft...... So keep it under 100km/h Pete, we all know you and your speed demon side.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 05, 2007
Is there any room left, or do you already have 3 other people?

Posted by Katie on Apr 05, 2007
Carrie's still coming Paul. She just messaged me.