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Forum posts for Movies Depicting Growth

Posted by fanoom on Apr 03, 2007
Childhood as in innocence?

If so, Lord of the Rings comes to mind.....Frodo is a whiney little bitch at the start, becomes a whiney bitch leader...followed by a whiney bitch that's ready to die...guess that's old age.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 03, 2007
I think they need literal transition from childhood to old age. I know there are movies out there....just can't think of any exact names.

Posted by Aaron on Apr 03, 2007
Basically the main character's entire life would need to be covered. I think "Big Fish" sort of did it, but not quite as detailed as he may be after? Plus the storyline is sort of far-fetched and would make a psych analysis sort of pointless...

But if there's a movie that shows a guy's life from birth/youth to old age/death, that'd be what he's after.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 03, 2007
Forrest Gump

Posted by phduffy on Apr 03, 2007
Citizen Kane
The Jerk
10 Commandments
The Fox and the Hound

Posted by Aaron on Apr 03, 2007
Heh. Thanks for those. Though apparently he's gone with Good Will Hunting, on a completely different angle.

Thanks again!