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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for the week of April 2nd 2007!

Posted by weberm1 on Apr 02, 2007
i'm guessing trevor will be disgusted with this website?

Posted by Palmer on Apr 02, 2007
Let it be noted that there is no shame in putting some junk on the side of the road for people to pick up. Leave it out there for a few days and if it isn't taken, then make arrangements to get rid of it properly. When Carrie and I were moving out I think all of our stuff was gone in 5 minutes.

dear paul
Posted by jessie on Apr 02, 2007
i am not sure what has happened to you, but you are right off your game lately. In the past i would be excited to visit the fun and crazy links you would post, but as of late these links and stories are old news, quite often discovered by me months prior, or in today's case of, years.


Posted by fanoom on Apr 03, 2007
But Jessie, while it's an old link that we've all likely have been too, I still had fun trying to not suck as bad as I did the last time I was to that site, which unfortunately I failed miserably at.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 03, 2007
That's because, in fact, they all do look the same.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 03, 2007
Interesting comment Jessie. I actually went back and read every advice and link I've put up since I started the advice again. I think they were all solid, except that today's was old. Some of them have limited appeal (woman in comics or stock tips), but that doesn't mean they're not good links.

Additionally, I'm sorry, but I don't have a list of all the websites you discovered years ago. If you'd like to pass that list on to me, I'll do my best to ensure that you don't have to repeat the horror of me linking to a website you've already been to.

Here are a couple of other sites:

The economist guide to Toronto. I haven't looked through it very much, but when the best magazine in the world does something like this, it's probably worth lookign at.

Secondly, the comic book shop in Waterloo that I used to go to is closing. They put up a post on their website describing the market, and how he hates people who download movies.