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Forum posts for Gordon Ramsay

Posted by Katie on Apr 01, 2007
Yup, seems like a dick. But then, most chefs I have worked with come across as giant egomaniacs, he's just taking it to the next level. I kind of feel bad for the people working for him, but not really. You know what you're in for, and you also know the benefits.

Aside from that, I actually thought he came across as somewhat sympathetic, couldn't really get the pulse of americans and all that, so his restaurant wouldn't really make it. The real dick parts were when he was screaming at his staff, which really is to be expected in the industry. In a lot of cases anyway.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 02, 2007
I'd also say that reading a book by Anthony Bourdain, another chef, he spoke well of Gordon, and said that most of his staff has followed him around for years, and are pretty loyal to him.

Also said basically that when you're a chef of that level, you have to be pretty serious about people not fucking shit up. Meh.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 08, 2007
Yeah, it's interesting how loyal some people are to him, considering that he's a huge prick, and that he fires people on the spot.

I guess screaming at your staff should be expected due to the industry, but really, that shouldn't happen anywhere. I guess there are a lot of chefs who are dicks, but there are also some who aren't.

I mean, this guy staged a break in at his restaurant to discredit his mentor. That is an asshole move. So is putting chicken stock in a vegetarian soup because you hate vegetarians.

Course, I'm still looking forward to watching Kichen Nightmares this week.