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Forum posts for My Birthday/St. Patty's - Latino Styles!

Posted by Miguel on Feb 22, 2007
I for one will not be going to this party, as I think it will be exceedinly lame.

ACTING! See you there!

this sucks
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 22, 2007
i can't go! my stupid cousin is getting married in london, so it's an over night deal. i'm going to miss all of the fun!

but, i will still call you on your cell phone for your birthday and play happy birthday on my trumpet. and you will love it.

Posted by krys on Feb 22, 2007
Brandon and I will be there.
As long as the weather isn't stupid.
I want a place to sleep! Reserve somewhere at Seth/Trev apartment for us!

Last year I got St. Paddy's day drunk in Hanover/Neustadt/Hanover.. I think it's time I ventured out!

Happy Birthday to you.

Count me in
Posted by pudding on Feb 23, 2007
I was going to get drunk at a random bar with random people, but I would much rather do the honour with all of you guys!

And if people need somewhere to sleep/park there is room at my place (there should be one empty underground spot).

Posted by Katie on Feb 23, 2007
I guess I will also attend.

And we also have space if ppl need somewhere to sleep.

Posted by mike on Feb 26, 2007
I will be attending this partay.

OK the guest list...
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 08, 2007
Everyone here will be on it in addition to any other Toronto residence that I assume are coming.

I now have my DJ who will be going on around 11 pm. Before that the music will be distinctly latin. Merengue, Reggaedon, Salsa, etc. Afterwards when my man goes on the music will be mostly Hip Hop and Dance Hall.

There is a dress code in effect, except for us that is. But, for some reason the security always harasses people with hats, so I would recommend not to wear those baseball caps.

NO COVER, NO LINE for my peoples. The club opens at 9 pm. I will be there early to make sure things move smoothly.

Kevin/Amy are coming too and are taking some space at my new place. Due to it's enormous size we can probably sleep a few more if necessary. Bringing a sleeping bag or something similar might not be a bad idea as we only have a few extra blankets.

Anyhow get ready for a good night. I leave for Thailand the next night... hopefully I can survive St. Patty's

Hope to see you all there! This will be my first attempt to truely combine the Hanover/Toronto/KGIC cliques into one. Wish me luck!

Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2007
I'm in!

Sign me up for two.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 08, 2007

They won't be playing any pearl jam or godsmack...I hope you're ok with that.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2007
Godsmack? WTF?

I'm most disapointed about missing the good Irish St. Paddy's day tunes (Whiskey in the Jar, Black Velvet Vand, etc), but I'll deal.

Posted by krys on Mar 08, 2007
TREVOR! I am upset.
I requested sleeping arrangements far before Kevin and Amy! Can I fight them for a space?
Okay. Thanks.

We will bring the blow up bed, and sleep on the floor. Although, Brandon is almost ten years older then Amy and shouldn't have to sleep on the floor. Haha.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 09, 2007

You should just go to a pub during the day then go to the club at night....I can't really remember many st pattys days parties where I can last past say 4 pm

Posted by crux on Mar 09, 2007
Krys the new futon is ALL YOURS...well not ALL yours. You have to share with Brandon.

I know, I know.
I'm sorry.

Kevin & Amy are young. They'll sleep on the floor, they'll fucking love it, and they'll thank us for the opportunity.

Posted by James H> on Mar 14, 2007
God damned dress codes

Posted by phduffy on Mar 15, 2007
Wait, what? There's a dress code? What is it?

Posted by Miguel on Mar 15, 2007
"There is a dress code in effect, except for us that is. But, for some reason the security always harasses people with hats, so I would recommend not to wear those baseball caps. "

Trevor just wrote that above. James, try to hide your cap somewhere and just put it on when you get it.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 19, 2007
Guys thanks so much to everyone who came. The owner/DJ/security are a bunch of fuck heads but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

Thanks so much for everything. I am currently stuck at Incheon airport for the next 15 hours or so... LAME..

ENJOY your week everyone!


Posted by phduffy on Mar 19, 2007
So what happened? I know that your dj stopped playing, and that the latino one started... why did your guy get kicked out? What did security do? How did everything go down?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 19, 2007
Also, happy birthday.

What Happened... St. Patricks/Birthday/G
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 20, 2007

To preface I actually didn't have a lot of time to plan this event at all... I think I spoke to the owner of the club 3 or 4 times before the night...

I had the following things arranged

1 - I would pack the place early with some students

2 - He would let me bring in my own DJ from 11 to 2

3 - I had a guest list

I upheld my end of the bargain, but he was WOEFULLY INADEQUATE (yeah you read that right.. i went there) in upholding his end of the bargain...

I gave him the guest list 2 days before the night... not one security person had heard of it or seen it at all. The club wasn't open at 9 as requested and I had easily 150 students there right away.. (duffy you know)...

The owner didn't show up until 10:30 or 11 and I had to convince the bouncers to let my people inside...

For example when getting duffy in the door i said "Can you take him next"
Bouncer "Who the fuck are you?"
Me "The person who brought all these people, make sense?"

fuck I shouldn't have had to argue my way in...

ALSO for the DJ I am not 100% sure what happened but basically the big fat dude who is the DJ 9 nights out of 10 got crazy or something... not enough salsa music or something.. FUCK it was ST. PATRICKS at a LATIN CLUB who the fuck cares what music is being played.. everyone seemed pretty satisfied from what I saw..

Anyhow I was pissed about that I felt like I was wasting the dude's time to come down for an hour and a half or so.. LAME .. I was talking to Chris (da DJ) afterwards and he was like scared of the fat dude.. hilarious

I just hope all you guys had a good time because really you're the people who matter.. Anyhow I should go board another plane.. My 15 hours in Incheon Aiport are almost complete... THAILAND I'M COMIN!