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Forum posts for Vacation anyone?

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 18, 2007
I'm in for a three or four day weekend if that's possible, I don't mind sleeping on a couch either.

$250 for the weekend and I'll bring my own food.

We should all go here:

Posted by krys on Feb 18, 2007
it's usually Saturday to Saturday.. So.. if you want to come Thursday to Saturday or something :>

Posted by phduffy on Feb 18, 2007
If the XXX didn't tip you off, Laura's link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Posted by mike on Feb 20, 2007
I'm in. Right now nobody has posted their holidays here, so any time is fair game. <$400 for accomodations would be good for me.

Can we go now? I think I need to get the hell away from here for a few months.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 20, 2007
Yeah, let's buy motorcycles and some tents and go cross country for the summer. Krystle, how are our life savings coming along, I'm going to take off a few months come the spring.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 21, 2007
I am in, with only exception being that I'm not sure I'll stay the full week this time.

I'm unsure at this point. I do like the idea of somewhere more east, where the option of something like river rafting is there.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 21, 2007
Well, where we end up is unknown at this point, but we do have a unique oppertunity. A new cottage up for rent that looks wicked awesome to say the least.

Check it out, it's currently unbooked so it's totally up for grabs maybe whenever, the rental agency is just waiting for the rental contract to be signed by the owner. So we'll have first crack at it.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 21, 2007
Please note the decent pool table, tennis court, and hot tub, while being very close to the water.

Pete, you need to add an edit button, I tend to forget what I want to toss in until after I hit add message

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 21, 2007
It has a hottub.

I am the sold.

Posted by Miguel on Feb 21, 2007
Damn Brandon, that ain't a cottage thats a god damn mansion!

I would LOVE to go to this thing, but I only have 2 weeks vacation and its usually always reserved for Portugal....but maybe I can put some money in and go for 3 days or so......I will think on this.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 21, 2007
By the sounds of it, we have alot of people who want to party for a few days then head back to the city. Which is fine by me, the less time you fuckers are around me the better. This place does sleep 12 apparently with five fucking bedrooms. wetbar in the basement, blah blah blah...numbers and dates is what I'm after, I know most of us are pretty damn flexible as far as dates. Anyone have dates that aren't cool or are better then others?

The time I usually can't show up is the last week of July and the first week of August.

Posted by krys on Feb 21, 2007
Please note: the more people the cheaper it will be.. 12 people would be best
Also note: Brandon didn't not find this gem, I did.. go me!!

It is just north of Peterborough.. I am sure there are some water sports available on the Trent Severn..

Tennis anyone?

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 22, 2007
No pets? Are you guys bringing Roxy anyway?

Can't do it :(
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 22, 2007
The summer is my busiest time... Although this year it seems doubtful that I will be working with the little bastard Spanish teenagers.

I might come visit for a few days, but as we are currently looking at a trip to Japan in September (GOGO Tokyo games show) I doubt I will have the cash or vacation time necessary for a full week of cottage madness...


Posted by phduffy on Feb 22, 2007
I am definitely in for that place. However, it will be extremely hard for me to get time off before August 5th. So if it's middle or late August I'm in, otherwise I may have to pass.

Posted by crux on Feb 22, 2007
I'm interested (that place looks awesome), but in my usual fashion I cannot commit to anything right now. I have 15 days of vacation time to use between now and August/September-ish, so I have the time. It's just a matter of convincing my employers to let me take time off presumably in mid to late August and then again in September.

Also, are there bears? If not, what other sorts of wildlife can I look forward to boasting about trying to punch?

Posted by fanoom on Feb 22, 2007
Meh, middle of august is fine with me, the nights and days are cooler anyways, always feel more active around that time of year.

I believe there's bears in the Kwartha's, likely lynx's too, muskrats, porcipine, etc. It's a fairly rural place with lots of rock outcrops, bancroft isn't far away either if you want to go for a nice dose of uranium. Hell I could take you on a tour of Lindsay again...this time sober...

So....we're looking at Mid-late August for does that sound?

Posted by krys on Feb 22, 2007
No.. we won't be bringing Roxy..

Seth what's your bosses phone number, I will call and tell them you are going on vacation.
Or I will make up a better story!

Posted by crux on Feb 23, 2007
It's 416-534-4261. I double fucking dare you Krys.

Punching a muskrat wouldn't really be that impressive. Punching a porcupine would almost certainly result in the painful removal of quills. I guess I'm going to go with a lynx this year.

Wow... i'm in
Posted by pudding on Feb 23, 2007
I'l willing to part with a few more of my hard-earned dollars to go up to that place. However, I would also prefer to go for 3-4ish days rather than the whole week...

Let me know where and when and how I sign up.

you precious cottage
Posted by noodle on Mar 01, 2007
I have no need for your mansion of a cottage when I have a shack of my own...I do however want to be kept informed of when and if you do go to this cottage so I can depart on an extended kayaking adventure from my cottage to your place of vacationing...ok...not really...what the hell does it look like...that i am in shape for that kind of thing...definitely let me know though and i'll come visit since i'm not far away