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Forum posts for B-I-N-G-O

Posted by crux on Feb 15, 2007
You've tried Butter. You've tried Butterscotch. But have you considered just Scotch? It's a solid drink, and a solid name. Then you can get another pet and name it Soda.

Scotch & Soda.

You would be the coolest pet owner around.

Wait, I want to retract my suggestion. I'm saving this idea for my future children.

Posted by mike on Feb 15, 2007
Have you tried Lady Sniffington, or Countess Smelly von Barksalot, or Baroness Lickherself?

Or you could name it after something it does all the time or a distiguishing characteristic like Sniffles, or Pukesonthefloor, or Cuddles, or Dizzy.

It would really add something if you just stick The in front of whatever name you choose. For instance The Scotch (and soda), or The Shocker.

oh god
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 15, 2007
i think scotch is a pretty good name.

my only request is that you don't give her a girls name, like mary or something. lame! or, if you must, pick an old name, like burtha. or add princess in front of it (princess gina!)

but really, give some serious though into scotch. not butterscotch though, i'm not a fan of that.

Posted by jessie on Feb 15, 2007
i am ALL for proper titles and royalty and such in dogs names so i have the following suggestions:

princess leia organa
queen latifa
captain caramel
captain cutepants
captain robot
stardust admiral
duke of adorable

i will probably think of more as the day goes on, and they will probably be worse and worse as the day goes on...

i warned you!
Posted by jessie on Feb 15, 2007
obi-wan mc buttersctoch

Posted by phduffy on Feb 15, 2007
Chairman Meow
Meow Tse Tsung

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 15, 2007

I kind of like Captain Caramel and Scotch.

You kind of have to think about what it's going to be shortened to when she is being called... if your face makes stupid shapes when it's being pronounced.

Her name now is Snowball but I don't care for that one.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 15, 2007
obi-wan mc butterscotch is pretty fucking great

Posted by crux on Feb 15, 2007
Chairman Meow might be the best name ever for a cat...but aren't we talking about a dog? Though applying that name to a dog would add an extra level of confusion.

I like it!