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Forum posts for Sharing books

Posted by Katie on Feb 06, 2007
I like it. A lot in fact, great idea. But, to me, the main problem is not getting your books to the random stranger, but how can you trust them to give it back?

I've lost numerous numerous books to members of my own family, let a alone strangers.

And ya, okay, so how would you get it to them? Would we have to pay to ship? In which case, how much money am I saving versus purchasing?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 06, 2007
Like, you'd put in the ISBN number or something, and the db would auto load the info by stealing it from amazon or something?

I'd be into it.

Posted by jessie on Feb 07, 2007
it exists, the library.

but if you want to make an interweb version of this popular real world place, i would look to it for ideas of how to make it work. like issue cards, and have accounts, and have a credit card on each account so people don't just dick off and such.


Posted by bryan on Feb 09, 2007
Forget about shipping... encourage people to meet and trade books, chances are if you are interested in the same books you can manage a simple meet-up / trade. The problem with meeting people from the internet is that you might meet someone like me - or worse, Thrillhouse.

Are you thinking of doing something similar to these sites? How would you eliminate user entry?

Are you just thinking of tacking an extension on to the wolfshack?