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Forum posts for What do you think of this?

Posted by bryan on Feb 01, 2007
The parents are being ridiculous, but it's not my place to say, because I didn't bring them into this world - the same goes for the government.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2007
I don't like the government stepping in... but these were babies. ANd they can't make up their own mind, so I think I'm okay with it.

This is easy enough..
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 01, 2007
Basically I believe that in a country like Canada (or supposedly the US) you should be able to live anyway that you like.... as long as you don't hurt anyone..

So in this case the Jehova's Witnesses can believe whatever they like and most of the time (especially considering their own body) they can decide which medical proceedures they will and will not have.

But these are babies and by deciding not to give them blood the family was harming them. These are the situations where the government is needed.

Its a good idea, Thumbs up...

I don't think there is a controversy here Duffy...

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2007

I don't think there is a controversy here Duffy...

Could be, I'm just going by what was the main topic of discussion on the radio this morning, and by the number of comments on the globe and mail article.

Of course, the G&M comments usually turn into political flamefests pretty quickly.

Posted by bryan on Feb 01, 2007
I can't win an argument for babies dying. I recognize this.

I have this question for you...

What kind of life are these kids going to live, being raised by parents that would rather let god handle things?

Posted by weberm1 on Feb 01, 2007
i haven't heard about this at all, but i'm glad it was posted. thanks duffy.

the parents say that given the option of aborting any of their babies was disregarding life, or something like that. so, isn't denying them medical care of any kind, in a way, disregarding their lives?

and i have to wonder if they were on fertility drugs or not, because i really don't know how common it is to have 6 babies at once. and isn't that shit basically against every religion? i would think if having a blood transfusion is against your religion, so would fertility drugs.

Posted by jessie on Feb 01, 2007
the thing that bothers me about this situation is that the parents are being selective about medical care. they allow resuscitation, but not blood transfusions. it makes no gaddamn sense! (to me anyways)

fucking hippies.

i mean Jehovah’s witnesses.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2007
webwerm1, I was wondering the same thing, re: fertility drugs.

bryan, I don't know what kind of lives they'll live, but I suspect they'll be better than the 3 weeks on an incubator they would have otherwise had.

Hell, in high school I had a friend who was a Jehovah's Witness. She was good people, I wouldn't have minded her life so much.

Posted by Thrillhouse on Feb 01, 2007
The core issue in this controversy is the right of the parents to their religious beliefs versus the rights of the children to "proper medical care." The problem lies in the fact that the government is trampling on the parents' freedom of religion and freedom to raise their children as Jehovah's Witnesses in order to guaruntee the right of the children to proper medical care. By taking the children away, the provincial government of BC is essentially revoking the right of the parents to raise their children as Jehovah's Witnesses, since as Jehovah's Witnesses they would not receive blood transfusions.

The arguments then boil down to individual preferences over whether the right to religion outweighs the right to proper medical care or vice versa. It is further complicated by the fact that the individuals in question have no way of making that decision for themselves.

Coincidentally, Rastafarians don't believe in blood transfusions either, and that is the reason Bob Marley died. If he had gotten one, we could all see him play Buffalo Soldier at Casinorama by now.

This is fucking gold
Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2007

“It’s clear the intent was to get attention by causing fear and unrest that there was a bomb in that location,” Assistant Attorney General John Grossman said at their arraignment.

My favorite, and I’ll paraphrase, “had those devices been bombs, they could have caused significant damage to the infrastructure of the city.”

From a Seattle P-I article this morning:

“To us, they’re so obviously not suspicious,” said King County sheriff’s spokesman John Urquhart. “They’re not suspicious devices or packages. We don’t consider them dangerous.”

Other good points include the fact that the Department of Homeland Security issued a release saying that devices like this hadn't been seen anywhere else in the country... followed by the Cartoon network saying that they had devices like this in New York, LA, Seattle, Atlanta and a few other cities.

From the comments:
One more thing...
This character giving us the finger is just another example of our lack of moral values in this country. How can we as Americans expect the rest of the world to follow our lead in such areas as human rights when we set an example like this, and this is just a minor thing. The US lacks the moral authority to tell the rest of the world how to live. Clean up your own mess, then tell others how to clean up theirs.

Posted by bryan on Feb 01, 2007
I think the L.E.D. displays were planted by invaders from the moon.

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 01, 2007
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 01, 2007
^^ I am sure he's doing this as hard as he can ^^

Posted by bryan on Feb 01, 2007
I lol'd.

ALSO In response to Thillhouse
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 01, 2007
Dude.. this is what I am saying..

Religious freedoms extend until someone is getting hurt..
In this case the children... dying because their parents' religion didn't agree with certain medical practices...

A similar example is the fact that Shia Law should never be established in Canada because although we allow religious freedoms these freedoms are curtailed once women are being stoned...

Posted by phduffy on Feb 02, 2007
Oh yeah, Thrillhouse, Bob Marley died because the FBI killed him. Get your facts straight.