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Forum posts for Top 100 COmpanies to work for

Posted by crux on Jan 22, 2007
What? My company isn't on there?

Ohhhh, it's the best companies to work for, not the best examples of how to completely fuck up possibly the best industry specific name branding imaginable.

My mistake.

I want to work for Google.

I just needed to put this somewhere
Posted by phduffy on Jan 22, 2007
From an Interview with Ricki Gervais

Q: In watching “The Office,” I always assumed the cameras made David’s behavior far, far worse than it would have otherwise been.

A: Of course. But that’s why it was so important that people knew they were watching a fake documentary. If we let them forget they were watching a fake documentary for a minute. there’s suddenly no show. There’s no point. Brent’s motivation was fame and glory. That’s why he’s acting like that. He’s in free-fall, in a bit of a breakdown, and he’s going, “I’m going to show the world now that I’m not just this jerk. I’m a philosopher, I’m a philanthropist, I am a singer/songwriter, I am a poet.” He can’t get to it quick enough. And, of course, the lesson learned is, if someone’s filming you all the time, they’re going to show the bad bits, too. Through the power of editing.

Q: But what were the good bits for David? Do you envision there were times when he successfully delivered a joke?

A: Yeah, but why would a documentary team put that in? The important thing there is, you’re not in charge. TV’s in charge. TV’s in charge.

Posted by Miguel on Jan 22, 2007

You have been holding back on me!

Why have never told me about the incredible comedic value of "success stories"??????

I personally like the hawaiian shirt dude who found his wife in the filipines, and the ukranian mail order bride jabronie.

I also love how your very first couple looks relatively normal and attractive and then progressively it gets scarier and scarier!

Are they real success stories? or completely made up? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW

Posted by crux on Jan 22, 2007
As far as I know they're legitimate stories; however they're all ridiculously old proven by the fact that the one guy emailed and asked us to take the story down as it reminded him painfully of his marriage and divorce. We didn't take it down.

The Success Stories are really just the tip of the iceberg around here. It would almost be worth Pete's time to add a 'Daily WTF?!?' category to the Wolfshack. Ask Trevor, I assault him almost daily with some example of ultimate stupidity either from a customer or a CEO.