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Forum posts for How do you get rid of an old monitor?

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 15, 2007
you have to throw the monitor away at a hazardous waste disposal site. they usually have one (minimum) in every city. search on the city website, you can usually find the link there.

and i happen to be moving in march and need stuff, but would have no way of getting it from you. now i'm forced to buy pretty new things.

Posted by crux on Jan 15, 2007
I always thought you got rid of old monitors by putting them out on the Bloor Street sidewalk and waiting the 3 minutes required for someone to pick it up and walk away.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 15, 2007
I've been looking around, and apparently gun clubs will take old monitors, because they're fun to shoot.

Posted by fanoom on Jan 15, 2007
they may be fun to shoot, but it will likely end up with the general refuse helping to contribute to the eventual deterioration of the landfill site.

Your landfill site is west of Fischer-Hallman and Erb in Waterloo.

Posted by fanoom on Jan 15, 2007
Also, there are usually furniture recyclers in major cities to get rid of the furniture. Salvation army, and Value Village also come to mind.