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Forum posts for Have you ever heard of the movie ZyZZYX Road?

Posted by Miguel on Jan 08, 2007
It only played in one screen I think. Many....many movies would only make that much money if they only played in one screen.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 08, 2007
I don't know about that.

But yeah, it only played on one screen in Dallas for a week.

Further to my point
Posted by phduffy on Jan 09, 2007
Most hollywood movies would make more than 30 bucks I think.

I mean, assume that only 6 people saw this movie. If you were in a movie, do you not think that you'd be able to convince at least 6 family members/friends to go to the movie?

Posted by Miguel on Jan 10, 2007
I agree that most Hollywood movies would.....but this wasnt really a hollywood was a direct to video type production that probably should not have hit theaters.

If small independent movies like Junebug or Kings and Queen or even shit like a billy blanks movie or a Tom Sizemore vehicle (which is what zzyyxx road is) shows up at one screen with little to no marketing around it, I would expect around 3 or 4 people to show up.

Many movies would only make 30 to 40 dollars if they opened in one screen with no marketing or publicity.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 10, 2007
I guess we'll agree to disagree.

Seriously, just the friends and relatives of the people in the movie would blow it away.

I mean, it has one of the stars of Grey's Anatomy!


speaking of shit movies
Posted by Numinous on Jan 10, 2007
the owner for queen video just called me an asshole because i said hello to him....

well guess what fucknut.
your now on the very small list of places in the area that I will no longer step foot in....

also if any of your asshole workers wants any hardware...
may god shine luck apon them, for they will get no help from anyone in a red shirt.

also.... miggy dont ever bring any movie from that piece of shit store into my house....

Posted by Miguel on Jan 10, 2007
Hey Bud,

If it was Queen video, I hate it with a passion. I go to Suspect ....Queen is for fucking wankers, no disrespect to the fucking wankers here who frequent them.

Posted by jessie on Jan 10, 2007
hey man, i go to queen...and i am pretty sure i am not a wanker

Posted by Miguel on Jan 10, 2007
Hey I covered my ass,

"No disrespect!"


Posted by Miguel on Jan 10, 2007

This interview with the producer/star of the movie brings a lot of context to the whole thing.