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Forum posts for A Devil Food is turning our Children into Homosexuals

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 12, 2006
OMG! No wonder I am turning into a stupid girl! I eat tofu at least twice a week!


Posted by jessie on Dec 12, 2006
i eat edamame a LOT!!


and upon further research i am genuinely concerned...well not about the gay thing, that's just dumb.

Posted by crux on Dec 13, 2006
Beyond the supposed "facts" of that article (which I admit I have not researched further), some of the advertisements are gold.

"Where does Chuck Norris write? Anywhere he wants. Read him weekly at"

"Canada's revolution against faith, family, and freedom threatens America"

"Shooting Back: Should Christians be armed? The ultimate biblical exploration of self-defense."

Posted by bryan on Dec 15, 2006
going further down the chuck norris rabbit hole, we find the following statement:

For Norris, however, the most rewarding accomplishment was the creation of his Kick-Start Foundation. With the help of President Bush, he implemented a program teaching the martial arts to 150 high-risk children at M.C. Williams Middle School in Houston, Texas, as part of the school curriculum.

Teach dangerous children how to focus their rage. Good going, Walker.

Posted by crux on Dec 15, 2006
Oh my god. I was going to Copy & Paste a hilarious quote from that article for those who might not have time to read it, but trying to decide which sentence is the most ridiculous is bringing my head close to exploding like a robot's would when you ask it to define 'love'.

It's good to know that 86% of South Africans think Chuck Norris is, "the most powerful force in the universe".

Posted by bryan on Dec 15, 2006
The south americans feel it in their guts.

Posted by crux on Dec 18, 2006
That made my morning. Thanks Bry.

"There is no such thing as evolution, only a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live."