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Forum posts for Site upgrades

Poll Threads
Posted by Aaron on Nov 12, 2003
How about letting people post articles with polls either integrated into the article, or simply make the article a poll instead.

Posted by krys on Nov 12, 2003
we think that you should have a photo upload section.. so we can share various party pictures....

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 13, 2003
could i hear the universal by blur?

What am I... a scientist?
Posted by mike on Nov 13, 2003
um... maybe you could make it so that when you hit back it doesn't randomly tell you the page has expired. I think that would be cool.

Apparently I have no ability to brainstorm, come up with origional thoughts, or formulate inovative ideas according to a personality survey I took yesterday. Therefore since the man has told me I am not good at these things I should probably start actually not being good at them.

I am pretty sure that that test was broken or something. Or maybe I am actually much less innovative or creative than I thought. (I got a 0 out of possible 9 for creativity and also a 0 for getting things done. I got a 9 for analyzing things and a 9 for making people feel good about stuff. Man is that test ever broken...)

not an expert
Posted by mike on Nov 14, 2003
I have noticed that this website dealy doesn't seem to like ' or " when you are typing, when these are present it seems to enjoy following it with / completely on its own.

Now I am not an expert, but it occurs to me that that is probably not on purpose.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 14, 2003
The in front of ' and "'s is necessary temporarily. See, in order to insert something into the database, those characters have to be 'escaped', which is what the character does.

Basically, in code, the ' and " have special meanings, and to tell them to be treated normally, you escape them. When you make a post, all those characters are escaped automatically.

If you find a situation where you can get those 's to show up, let me know, and I'll try to fix it. But think that was only happening from earlier on, and fixed it I hope.

Posted by mike on Nov 14, 2003
It just happenned today during my reply to you for the Random thought. It ABSOLUTELY refused to post to the whatever and a crazy error screen kept showing up. When I used back and tried again it just kept addin ///// in between ' or ". There was more each time I tried so I erased them all, copied to Word, made another message and posted my old message without ' and " in it. Worked good, but highly inconvenient.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 14, 2003
Your session had probably been dropped.

I've thought of something to help with that...but will take me a while to get it working.

If it happens again, leave that screen as is, open a new window, goto site, login.

Then go back to other screen with the error and hit F5 to refresh. It'll say something about reposting, say okay, and all should be good.

Posted by mike on Nov 14, 2003
I have next to no idea what you are telling me to do, but I'll give it a try if it happens again.

Also those tab things like books, movies, etc. seem interesting, perhaps more would be in order. Or perhaps less, what do I know about internetting?

Another suggestion
Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2003
I'd like it if when you hit the back button, it took you back to the same part of the page you were on before. Not the top of the page. Particularly when I'm looking at old advices....