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Forum posts for Britney's Snatch

Posted by kristian on Nov 29, 2006
"you're a fucking coked-out whore; don't ever say you're my friend again!"

Hehe, I love it.

And that's not a snatch Paul. That's two thighs pressed closely together. Believe me, I have more experience with these things. Lots of side boob...kinda gross and veiny.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 29, 2006
This is just Duffy's attempt to get more people to come to the wolfshack while searching for celebrity snatch.

"Lindsay Lohan's snatch" is apparently the search term gateway to our site.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 29, 2006
This is correct. I had heard that somewhere out on the interweb there were PICTURES OF BRITNEY SPEARS' SNATCH, then I saw that link... figured that the wolfshack may as well be the ULTIMATE SITE FOR CELEBRITY SNATCH.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 29, 2006
Paul H. Duffy, your position on the wolfshack becoming becoming the ULTIMATE SITE FOR CELEBRITY SNATCH intrigues me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

This is definitely a good, no, a GREAT idea we can all get behind on.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 29, 2006
this is BRITNEY SPEARS' SNATCH though, not thigh:

Posted by Thrillhouse on Nov 30, 2006
Yeah that's totally Britney thigh.

THIS however is much more likely to be Britney snatch.

My bet however is that it's just like peach coloured panties, but for the sake of TEH INTERNETS SOURCE FOR CELEBRITY SNATCH I'm willing to forget those suspicions.

Also kudos on not needing a title anymore.

Most definately snatch
Posted by Thrillhouse on Nov 30, 2006
Christ, just when I think I've been shown the best one, there's this:

Way to join the club Britney.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2006