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Forum posts for Heads up! Diplo in Toronto for New Years!

Heads up
Posted by Miguel on Nov 13, 2006
I forgot.....the place is going to be swarming with hipster trash, but don't let it get you down! We can fuck their business right up, together - you and me!

Posted by jessie on Nov 13, 2006

who else is playing??

it's a party
Posted by Katie on Nov 13, 2006
Miguel told me earlier today that it's going to be at the Social (Queen west), but they may move to a bigger location.

Also, I was already thinking about doing this, but may as well post it now. Miguel and I are going to host a pre-partying potluck at our house. We did it a few years ago and the whole night was awesome. Not sure what the theme will be yet (it was Thai last time) but let me know if you're interested. Eat up, drink up, then head out to the bar. Then those who need a place to crash are welcome back to our house.

More Info
Posted by Miguel on Nov 13, 2006
OK so I got off the phone with the Social:

He was supposed to play a huge party in vegas for this new year but Toronto got him instead somehow....for less money than they were gonna pay him in Vegas!

So the tickets work like this:

first 100 - $40
100-200- $50
200-300- $60

So theres only 300 tickets, but you can rest assured im going to buy at least 4 tickets for $40.

Posted by jessie on Nov 13, 2006
when do tickets go on sale?

Posted by Miguel on Nov 13, 2006
The social guy said sometime this week....check their website and maybe rotate this will carry it too

Posted by Palmer on Nov 14, 2006
If the potluck was the one that I was was good times until someone refused to go to the hospital after smaching her knee up. Then all hell broke loose and cups of water were thrown.

Posted by kristian on Nov 15, 2006
Were they cups of water? Or were they really Tupperware containers with rice floating in them being used as cups?

Posted by Palmer on Nov 16, 2006
An excellent point. Boy, I wish there was a picture of that.