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Forum posts for TEA

Posted by Miguel on Nov 13, 2006
I didnt know tea could help you digest AIDS! This is an incredible off to have unprotected sex with 60 hookers in New Delhi now...wish me luck!

Great tea post, and I actually love Rhooibus tea a lot, even its natural flavour. As a baby with colic, I highly recommend copious amounts of rhooibus tea.


Did you know that the Azores are the only European territory which is able to grow tea commercialy?

Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 14, 2006
I'm pretty sure Georgia produces tea to, don't they?

ps. Borat, the movie, kicks ass. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 14, 2006
Which Georgia? The one in the United States of America thats not Europe? Or the Russian territory thats not European?

Posted by Chris on Nov 28, 2006
Just bought some of that rooibos tea yesterday. I read this post about a week ago, and had been meaning to try it. I bought two kinds: one plain rooibos, and the other was a blend with... damnit I can't remember--it smells like black licorice though. Considering my hatred of black licorice, I drank the plain one last night with a bit of sugar... it smelled awful, but it actually much better to drink than it was to smell.

I'm still hooked on Tazo's "Zen" green tea. That stuff is amazin'.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 28, 2006
I prefer to drink Rooibos with a bit of honey.

I actually almost never put sugar in my tea anymore. Always use honey as a sweetener.

Posted by Chris on Nov 28, 2006
It's weird that every reply requires a title.

And yeah, I was using honey until we ran out... now I'm using "sugar in the raw" or that stevia stuff I have.

The Tazo Zen blend is amazing though... I might try Tazo's Tizane tea, next.
I've drank two of the Rooibos though... the other one is a blend with "fennel" (I remember now), and smells of black licorice. Not cool.

Posted by Chris on Nov 28, 2006
Update: So I am drinking some rooibos right now... and this cup has like 2 teaspoons of honey in it. Now it's delicious. Mmm honey... I hate it so much as a condiment... but it's good squishee in tea.