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Forum posts for Random thought for Nov. 11/03

Deep thoughts
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 11, 2003
I think I'd like to see these random thoughts of your posed more in the form of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.

Would add added hilarity.

I'm not saying no, but it's the next clo
Posted by mike on Nov 11, 2003
I'm already toeing the line on origionality here, if I put in the form of Jack Handy then I'll have lost almost all creativity.

That and it's hard enough for me to pull my thoughts together into something coherent, let alone have any kind of true for to it.

I also don't remember what Deep Thoughts was exactly like.

No worries
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 11, 2003
Well, no worries then.

If you remember, you remember, if you don't, bleh.

I think I might need a coffee.

Posted by mike on Nov 11, 2003
Hey Pete, this website is pretty sweet.

I am going to try to post random thoughts when I can (likely at random), the only problem is that when something good comes to me I always forget. I'll have to start writing things down or something.

Have y'self a coffee man.
Good Work and Good Times to and for the Wright-man,
Mike Mighton

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 11, 2003
get a tape recorder like i have..
at first it is weird to talk into .. but after you get used to it.. it is a great way to remember shit.. (especially good for those 'hazy' nights)

Sounds dangerous
Posted by Polfuss on Nov 12, 2003
dear god could you imagine what would happen if tapes of a conversations got out. I think we all would be screwd way to incriminating why do you think that the planer will never be posted too incriminating.....or is it?

The Planner
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 12, 2003
i think that selected quotes from the planner would make a pretty good post though. Some of the stuff in that thing is gold, pure comedic gold.

Who has that thing anyway? mike or schaus?

The Planer
Posted by Polfuss on Nov 13, 2003
I think Mike has the planer somewhere, I don't even know if he knows where it is.......... quite the problem

Going turbo...............

Incompetant eh?
Posted by mike on Nov 13, 2003
I do so know where the planner is.
It's somewhere...uh... where it is very safe and noone can find it.

Yah, that is an excellent explanation which doesn't specifically incriminate me.