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Forum posts for Poll:

No brainer
Posted by fanoom on Nov 04, 2006
Paul, I can't believe you are even asking this. It's cool all right.

I was afraid of this.
Posted by Katie on Nov 04, 2006
I hadn't seen the Gotham sweatshirt recently and felt that there would be some backlash. But this is worse than I expected.

Paul, unless you're a 13 year old geek sitting in your parents basement, staying up till 3am to play batman video games, this belt buckle is not cool.

The only way this buckle would look remotely cool is if you partnered it with a slick black suit and shiny black shoes. Then I would consider it. As it is, with your regular jeans and sweatshirt attire, I have big doubts as to whether you can pull this buckle off.

Prove me wrong Paul. I dare you. Repost with a picture of yourself wearing this buckle.

Posted by pudding on Nov 04, 2006
Yes it is cool.

And since I would imagine that at one time he was a 13 year old geek sitting in his parents basement staying up till 3am to play batman video games, this belt buckle MUST be cool.

Full stop

Posted by bryan on Nov 04, 2006
totally badass. Does it come with batarangs?

Posted by crux on Nov 06, 2006
Look at that thing! It damn near is a Batarang. And it would for damn sure hurt to get hit in the face with it. Paul, for that reason alone I insist that you buy that, wear it, and at least once in your life huck it at someone's face.

By the way, has there ever been a decent Batman video game made? I'm trying to think of one, but I'm drawing a blank.

Posted by jessie on Nov 06, 2006
cool to wear or cool to own??

cool to own, definitely. cool to wear...umm unless you are batman, not really.

array (if varialble > 0, "awesome", else
Posted by mike on Nov 06, 2006
It's cool.
If I knew how to make pictures appear I might put some cool belt buckles here. Something involving pirates perhaps.

I bought a blank belt buckle a while ago. I meant to personalize it in some way, but then I didn't. This has reminded me to get back to that.

Posted by kristian on Nov 06, 2006
If you like the Batman then you will love this can have it say anything you want. Such as "Paul is a Golden God". Or "Batman belt buckles are the coolest"

I stand by my vote.
Posted by Katie on Nov 16, 2006
I have now seen the buckle on Paul. It does not get cooler in person.

And granted, yes Paul's basement apartment looks like what a 13-year olds messy basement video game room might have looked like. But Paul is no longer 13. Or living at home. Even if he acts like it.

So it's not cool.

At first I thought not cool...
Posted by Sarah Mac on Nov 16, 2006
Then, I saw it and was slightly conflicted. But then, I thought: if I could get a She-Ra (yes, the Princess of Power) belt, I'd be all over that. So - rock on Paul for channeling your inner super-hero.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 16, 2006
Yes, because having a Gamecube, with the games stacked beside it, and a Gameboy DS that you keep on your bookshelf means that I live in a video game pig-sty