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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for October 25th

Posted by bryan on Oct 25, 2006
another good show that's coming up...
nov 2nd
CAMP COMBO, Atomic 7 @ Cadillac Lounge, pwyc

Atomic 7 do the theme song to kids in the hall. I don't know who camp combo are, but it's pay what you can, and if ithey suck you can always hit up the gigantic heated patio. Cadillac Lounge rules.

Parse them right.
Posted by crux on Oct 25, 2006
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet did the theme song to Kids in the Hall. The song's called Having an Average Weekend. I think I own that CD. Atomic 7 is actually just one former member of the above mentioned Shadowy band with two other people.

Also, that first show sounds interesting.

Posted by bryan on Oct 25, 2006
thanks Seth, glad somebody knows something.

Gang gang dance
Posted by bryan on Oct 26, 2006
I am attending a party in K-W that night, so no trek to the city for me. Download God's Money if you want aural proof of gang gang dance's goodness.