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Forum posts for The New Wolfshack

Posted by Palmer on Oct 18, 2006
Adding a Television category would be good. I had to slot anything to do with TV under Movies.

Also, a Paul Duffy appreciation category should be there for fun so that if we ever wanted to read about the great achievements Paul has done over the years (read: His Graduation), then we should find it in a convenient spot.

Posted by cosmicfish on Oct 18, 2006
I would prefer different fonts.

Maybe some catagories names could be 'Reviews' or 'Media' to cover a lot of subjects.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 18, 2006
Palmer, I was going to suggest something similar, re: TV.

I was thinking media? But that might not work either.

I don't think we need both dumb ideas and druidic ramblings.

I'm also not sure that we need the Advice of the day.

The book category is pretty much all stuff I"ve written. Which is fine, but does anyone read it? If not, we could can that.

Presumably you'll keep the forum link for recent forum postings?

A FAQ (Which I said I would write) would be good too, particularly for explaining the photo album, or how to post photos, and even basic stuff like how to use italics or a link.

Although, maybe we could keep the advice for recipes, or create a recipe category?

Posted by Katie on Oct 18, 2006
okay, I don't have much that is constructive to add. But I do think we could rename the "advice" category to encompass more ideas. I don't know what to rename it.

And yes Paul. Others read. But I read and discard in very quick order (discard book and discard thoughts of the book from my head). I know right away if I like or dislike a book, but sometimes I feel like putting too much thought into why or why not ruins the book for me. If I dwell on it too much, I get bogged down into sentence structure and character development and sometimes that can ruin the whole feeling.

I like:

Media Reviews (covers movies, tv, books, music, internet sites, video games etc.)
Opinions (which really encompasses the advice of the day, since it was generally just someone else's opinion)

I think prose/poetry, druidic ramblings and dumb ideas could all be combined into a random category.

I think we should add a "politicial posturing" category for rants and raves and philosophical thoughts.

And I'll find somewhere to stash my recipes.

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 18, 2006
That font is pretty clean, and very legible. You'd have to show me what you had in mind rather than say, "another font", which as I'm sure Vivian could attest, there are thousands of other options.

Advice of the day would stay, as it's probably the thing with the most content here.

I think dumb ideas and druidic ramblings kinda fit with just a notion of an opinion piece really.

TV is something where the sub categories help. Entertainment consists of video games, books, tv, movies, music etc.

Well, the new version of the site would actually have the front page loading all content based on order of newness. IE, if the most recently post is a new post, it'll be at the top left. If the next post with 'activity' is a 4 month old 'artcile' with a new response, it'll be the next item.

The category links will do the same thing, but filter only that category. Eventually can add custom sort options.

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 18, 2006
Oh, for recipes, I was just thinking of a 'food' category, as it works for restaurant reviews, restaurant requests etc as well.

To clarify
Posted by phduffy on Oct 18, 2006
And yes Paul. Others read.

I was not suggesting that others don't read.

I was asking if people read the Book category here.

Advice of the day
Posted by kristian on Oct 19, 2006
I say you keep advice of the day, because that's how this whole damned website started.

Posted by bryan on Oct 20, 2006
I read the book reviews, but am afraid of long books because I have a tendency to read a few chapters and never pick them up again. See: Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, Infinite Jest.