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Forum posts for What's your opinion The Departed

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 27, 2006
It's not like the notion of remakes is all that unusual...

Like, Ocean's 11 was a was good. So it's not like remakes are bad.

I will however say that most of Asian movies that have been redone with North American casts I've been less inclined to like.

The Grudge, The Ring, and yes....Shall we Dance.

However, every time I see an ad for this movie, I think damn...this looks good. So here's hoping.

e lips is
Posted by bryan on Sep 27, 2006
I'm of the opinion that everything that can be called art is recycled, and there is no such thing as original. It's how you mix things that makes the difference.

eg. What turned me off the American Office was the line for line rehash of the first episode...

it's going to be good
Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 28, 2006
Jack looks fucking amazing at thats just from the 2 second clips in the ads...

From what i have seen in the previews it looks like they changed a few aspects of the story... which is unavoidable....

The Chinese version focuses mostly on the "Cop-turned-gangmember" not so much the "gangmember-turned-cop" .... but it seems that Leonardo is the gangmember turned cop and the clips seem to have him in the picture more...

I am worried that they will change the ending.. which would be a shame...
the ending of the chinese version was SO good.. and SO terrible..
I could see american audiences wanting something else...

I will see it for sure..
It was amazing in chinese... one of the best movies i have seen...
the re-invention must be good...

I will have to wait till my return from thailand so don't spoil it for me. ..:)

Posted by phduffy on Sep 29, 2006
The Office is a good comparison. I don't know why I'm bothered by the Departed...

I really like the AMerican version of the Office. I agree that the first episode was pretty lame, but they've really branched out and gone a different route from the British version. I'm not ready to anoint the American version as being the better one quite yet, but it is damn good.