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Forum posts for Random thought for Nov. 10/03

is it simply because . . .
Posted by nszyngie on Nov 10, 2003
more fuel = more weight?
i would be interested in seeing something (just in general, no one really needs to post) illustrating the cost-savings between 'do i gas up and burn a few cents on the added weight' vs 'gas prices are bound to go up 8 cents on any given day, so i better top it up' . . .

underinflated tires, especially now that colder weather has hit, also contribute to poor fuel consumption (increased friction).

Gas fluctuation
Posted by phduffy on Nov 10, 2003
I wonder about gas fluctuations though. While there's a long term trend of inflation, I think that you also need to look at the risk of gas prices going down on a given day. When I was driving hom yesterday I saw prices at 62.9 cents, which seems pretty decent to me... Anything that reduces the weight in your car is a good idea. When I worked at GM we had a newsletter about fuel efficiency. Here it is with other tips to help you out.

Now, I don't drive or anything....
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 10, 2003
but i really can't understand how people go crazy over the slightest changes in gas prices.. i mean if one station is 63.9 and another is 64.1 is it really worth your time to find the lowest price.. even if it is just a margin of .2 or .3 cents?

can someone explain this too me.. do cars hold more gas than i know?
because it seems to me that on the small scale of most gas purchases a fraction of a cent isn't going to make that much of a difference...

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 10, 2003
The consumer will almost always go with whatever gives them the sense of having got 'a deal' I find.

It's like they beat someone at something. Bleh.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 10, 2003
In regards to small price increases, I think it's more the thought that gas prices seem to always be going up. Or at least, you notice the increases more then the drops. If you have a 60 litre tank, going up 0.2 cents a litre isn't much. But if the price goes up 3cent a litre that's an extra 2 bucks every time you fill your tank, which could end up costing you alot, if you fill your car up often. Right now prices seem to be at about 65 cents, but they were at almost 80 cents a litre in the summer. That's about 8 bucks extra if you fill a 60 litre tank. If you have an SUV, Van or Truck, you're looking at even more. Then, multiply that by 52 weeks a year, by 40 years of driving, and those increases matter.

Consumers always go with the lowest price because it's the smartest thing to do, not because they're playing some sort of game. Saving money is always a good thing, and there's not a person reading this that wouldn't benefit from saving money. Also, by going for the lowest price you make sure that retailers are honest, as it means they'll have to price fairly to get your business.