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Forum posts for Selling my 6.3MP Canon Digital Rebel SLR kit for cheap

Posted by phduffy on Sep 15, 2006
Why are you selling it?

My message needs a title.
Posted by Aaron on Sep 15, 2006
I've gone up to a 30D. A couple more megapixels (8.2) but really, the difference isn't really that noticeable in resolution. The big thing was startup time. This rebel takes just over 3 seconds to wake up (you can tell it not to fall asleep, but I was always worrying about batteries) where the 30D takes about 0.3 seconds from off to ready.

Other than that, I get a few more "professional" features and a metal body. The Rebel's perfect for someone who's sure they'll like taking nice photos, but not so sure that they want to spend $2,000-3,000 on a professional SLR just yet.

My message needs a title.
Posted by Aaron on Sep 21, 2006
Woo. Sold!

Posted by phduffy on Sep 21, 2006
Nice, glad the wolfshack could help!