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Forum posts for Thoughts about Past Lives

I almost drowned as a child
Posted by fanoom on Sep 10, 2006
Well, I believe in reincarnation of a sorts. Our bodies are composed of molecules that have been around since the begining of time, blah blah blah. We die go back to the earth to be resued yet again, and again, and again, and again, and again until the end of existance.

However that being said, I do not believe in memories of the past lives. (Man I was this oak tree once and this friggen chipmunk killed me, I'm so afraid of chipmunks!) Our fears are all generated by our upbringing and our upbringing alone, your friend with the fear of buttons was probably caused by his/her drunken parents telling a very young child who was chewing on their buttons on their shirt that it'll fall off and she'll die. Feer of flying? Who hasn't been thrown into the air as a child? Heights, same idea. Blaming it on a past life is a cop out.

A fear is there to conquer, not to hide from.

Posted by pudding on Sep 10, 2006
That still doesn't explain a fear of loose buttons.

Or the other insane fears people harbour... pickles, peaches, etc

Posted by pudding on Sep 10, 2006
That still doesn't explain a fear of loose buttons.

Or the other insane fears people harbour... pickles, peaches, etc

Posted by fanoom on Sep 10, 2006
A child of two is chewing on his/her buttons, one of them is loose, comes off the sweater gets into his/her throat causing him/her to choke, gasping for air, clawing at their throat they cannot get any air into their tiny lungs. Perhaps they black out from the lack of oxygen until their parents happen to notice that the child is turning blue, thus saving their lives. The years pass by and the child with his/her fear never really comes to grips with it, the memory is supressed of the incident and yet the fear remains. The parents forget as time goes by, and now the child has a deep seeded psychological problem that they just don't understand.

Meh, I have scars that are unaccounted for, my parents do not know how I came to get them. I know I have times in my childhood where I have blacked out while doing something, only to reawaken with people screaming at me. Pleanty of holes in my memory that is more then likely supressed memories of some sort of trauma. Just a thought. :)

Posted by Palmer on Sep 11, 2006
This is an excellent thought Carrie.

I wonder at what point fears become useless?

For example, the fear of being in a house alone at that a fear related to a past life where something tragic happened while alone, or is it just the fact that people are just scared for their safety in an empty house.

Now...if you were to say that someone is afraid of drowning, I could totally agree with them that this is a genuine fear and probably not related to a past life.

But if they are actually afraid of taking a shower, or getting sprayed with water...that's just wild if it's from a past life.

What about the fear of heights? That could indicate that I fell off a building years ago and have been reincarnated into this super hot alpha male that I am.

Cool theory got me thinking.

Past lives and fears
Posted by kristian on Sep 11, 2006
Just a little tidbit about past lives...Buddhists believe that we have had endless past lives, and that although there is no memory of those lives (unless you are pretty enlightened, like maybe you acheive budhahood) that your karma carries with you throughout eternity. So not only do you have to worry about what you did in this lifetime coming back to haunt you, that "witch" that you had burned on the stake a couple hundred years ago may be an event that gets paid back this lifetime. Two main points come out of this:

1. That's why good things happen to bad people and vice versa
2. Be really good this lifetime, generate more good karma than you could ever use up this time so that next time will be a breeze.

As for fears, I guess the above stated belief could work if you think that those fears cause suffering and therefore could be paying back past karma, specifically related to what the deed was. For instance, not that you drowned in a past life, but maybe you were a pirate and a badass and did a lot of bad things on open water, and your punishment is a fear of water. Actually, that sounds like you are getting off pretty easy.

I don't really have any fears (aside from general paranoia for my safety like being alone in the house at night, maybe it's a girl thing). I used to be affraid of spiders, but that was really just me being a kid and mimicking my mom's fears. Once I really watched a spider make a web and I thought that was pretty cool, so now I don't have a problem with them as long as they are not on me.

I heard of a girl that is terrified of the little baby pepper that is sometimes inside a full grown know, that tiny little green thing that is sometimes with the seed? Crazy.

in this life
Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 11, 2006
As a child, I was once locked in a calf hutch with a horde of baby chicks under a heat lamp by my four year old sister. To this day being in very crowded places freaks me out - especially when they are crowded with chickens.

I suppose anything is possible but I am incredibly skeptical of reincarnation. Maybe the fears are from the pour souls wandering around that were killed by the evil Lord Xenu?