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Forum posts for Silicon Knights

that is one broad question...
Posted by alltogethernow on Aug 23, 2006
It would be impossible to distill all the video game knowledge in our brains onto this website... at least it would take a few months of long talks, gallons of hennessy and 16 litres of coke...

What sort of questions do you anticipate?
I see from their website that they think of themselves as some sort of Co-op.. which is weird.. they refer to themselves as a 'Guild'.. not really as a company

They have worked on some interesting games in the past,
Especially the Metal Gear Solid reworking that was "The Twin Snakes" originally a PSone title that they revamped for the next Gen, (Gamecube specifically)...

They also worked on Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube which has become somewhat of a cult favourite... I never had the chance to play it through, but maybe I will need to borrow a Gamecube (pete *cough* pete) and give it a try.. there is a lot of talk about a sequel now...

They have worked with some big names in the video game industry, Konami and Hideo Kojima on MSGTS, and you can't get much better than that...

IF you can think of some specific questions they might ask...
(i am thinking if you are going for an artists position they would be interested in what video games you think look good, or have good art direction...)
Just post the questions here and I will try to help you out...

As you know I am a huge geek/gamer (as many of us are) and I try to stay up to date with industry news and reviews.. etc..


Posted by Nerhael on Aug 23, 2006
It collects dust mostly.

If anyone really wanted to borrow it, you're more than welcome to steal it for a while.

I'm not sure of where you can learn a whole lot of industry info. I'd try to find webforums that cater to the type of job you're intereviewing for really, and see what you can glean from there.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 23, 2006
re: the Gamecube, although I don't play it much, it was totally worth the investment, just for Mario Kart and Donkey Konga.

As for the video game industry, presumably you know about the new consoles? X Box 360, PS3, Wii? And the two handhelds, the PSP and the DS?

It seems as though the trend for PC gaming is towards MMORPG (online games where you pay money every month and play with other people, like WOrld of WarCraft) and stuff like Flight Simulators. You don't see as much single player stuff, other than Oblivion. I think anyways, I'm not all that up on PC games.

The trend seems to be that alot of people are down on the PS3 and up on the 360. For a number of reasons, mostly because of price I think, but also because Sony seems to be pretty arrogant right now. They also lost the exclusivity of GTA. So if the 360 and PS3 are going to have 75 to 90% the same games, why not buy the one that's half the price?

The Wii seems to be looked at as a novelty thing.

I guess the other thins is that the XBox never really caught on in Japan, which could be important. I've heard it said that Europe is going to be a very important market in the coming battle though.

Handhelds the DS is kicking the PSP's ass in Japan, and I understand taht they're about even in North America. Although why anyone would buy a PSP over a DS I have no clue.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 23, 2006

Um, like what are some really sweet looking games?

I tried to rent the games they made but couldn't find them anywhere, oh well. They will just have to hire me for my knarley drawing skills.

Sweet Looking Games
Posted by Miguel on Aug 24, 2006
1. Shadow of the Colossus
2. Resident Evil 4
3. Half Life 2
4. Oblivion
5. The japs over at Square Enix always do a great job of presenting Final Fantasy in gorgeous faggy visuals.

Posted by alltogethernow on Aug 28, 2006
How did it go?
Was the interview difficult with your lack of video-game knowledge, or did it matter at all?

Just curious...

it went
Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 28, 2006
Okay, it was for a different job than I thought. I would actually be modeling, rigging and texturing characters. That would be awesome... the one guy that did the interview was from Hanover. I'm going to call them tomorrow... it could go either way.

They asked me why I applied there specifically, what movies I like... they seemed more concerned with artistic talent than technical knowledge.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.