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Forum posts for A Review (the first of many)

Oh Yeah?
Posted by phduffy on Nov 07, 2003
What didn't you like about Devil May Cry? I just saw Pete and Miguel play it, and it looked decent. I've heard that the second one sucks though. And i've heard that the new Castlevania is more like DMC than old Castlevania's.
Also, you got the game for free, so if you were weeping at it's expense it must have really sucked.
In terms of putting ones at the ends of sentences, I like it when you make them in different languages. That is so kewl!!one11unununun!!uno!deuxzwei!

i think you heard me
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 08, 2003
Devil May Cry is pretty horrible..
It pretends to be like a resident evil type game, but really is almost like chaos legion just with a little more variety in the game play..
Also something that really annoys me is that you can do a whole lot of crazy sweet looking combos .. but there really isn't any reason to do them.. you can kill an enemy just as easily by sitting just tapping one button..

also i didn't say that I was weeping.. i said 'YOU will be openly weeping'
i wasn't due to the fact i didn't pay any money.. but let me tell you .. i was on the verge of tears

Posted by phduffy on Nov 08, 2003
Okay, fair enough. I didn't realize that Devil May Cry tried to pull off being a Resident Evil thing. However, I would like to see Miguel or Pete post something about why it's good.

What's good?
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 08, 2003
Post about Devil May Cry? Or Chaos Legion?

I had fun with DMC for a bit, but quickly lost interest. But then, that accounts for like 90% of the fucking games I play now. I think I have to buy them.

Go figure, but somehow, buying them gives me the initiative to actually go and finish it. Working for Xenosaga so far...but it's fucking sweet, so it may just be that.

First of Many?
Posted by phduffy on Nov 30, 2003
Come on, get on that shizznit!

I want more content from you!

You write good stuff, so write more!