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Forum posts for Open ING Account & get FREE $13!!

Posted by kristian on Aug 21, 2006
Paul, you are such a scam artist. At least be upfront with people. You forgot to mention the part that YOU ALSO GET $13 FOR REFERING THEM! If every member of The Wolfshack took you up on this, you could make hundreds of dollars (I forget what the maximum is, but I think it's in arround $200).

For shame.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 21, 2006
Kristian, please notice who posted this before you start throwing around scam artists accusations.

Posted by Miguel on Aug 21, 2006


Posted by kristian on Aug 21, 2006
sorry Paul, I just saw a p and thought it was yet another oppourtunity to give you the gears. I suppose it was unust this time.

So Pudding is the shifty one.

Sorry Paul!!
Posted by pudding on Aug 21, 2006
I didn't realize the blame would instantly appear at Paul's feet for my "shiftiness". The fact that I also earn $13 shouldn't stop anyone from wanting to get their free $13. Besides, once your account is set up you can set up interested friends and family! It is capped at $260.

Would you feel better if I offered to front everyone the $100? (although I would want a portion of your free $13 for taking on the additional risk and doing the extra work)

That's not a bad return if you can do it at the end of the year... an instant ~13-18%!

-- Shifty McShift