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Forum posts for The Summer's almost over

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 09, 2006
Summer being short? Never noticed. It rained way more than I'd say felt usual, but we had a nice pleasant period of warmth.

If anything, due to the winter being a joke, I would have thought this would feel like a longer summer.

As for it being almost over. There are considerably more warm days behind us than head of us. That's just a fact. May/June/July are gone. We have 2/3rds of August, and whatever the weather gods give us in September. So I don't really see why this statement is so offensive, other than a genuine lamentation over the realization that a lot of the summer has passed, and people may not have done much in that time.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 09, 2006
The fuck May counts as a summer. May isn't as nice as September, and now it counts?

8 weeks is not almost over.

We've had snow on May 2-4 before!

Fuck titles.
Posted by Thrillhouse on Aug 09, 2006
Can I get an amen?

Posted by Katie on Aug 09, 2006
"If you're a reverse bear that goes into hibernation come September 1st"........

I'm not sure that it actually makes the bear reverse to hibernate in September. Technically, a reverse bear would be to start hibernating in March/April.

Anywaysssssss. Let's be technical again. Summer ends when Fall starts. Summer starts in June (the 21st, called the summer solstice). Fall starts in September (the 21st again I believe, called the Autumnal Equinox).

So officially and technically Paul, you're wrong.

And really, what makes you so angry? I think you need to relax, go with the flow, and let people piss and moan a bit because maybe they don't have a website set up where they can go off the deep end about something as trivial as being annoyed when people say the summer is almost over (which, officially, it is).

Anyway, hope I got all my above facts straight! If not, I'm sure you'll let me know.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 09, 2006
Yeah, relax Duffy. You obviously need next week as badly as the rest of us. Only two more days then it's vacation time.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 09, 2006
Summer starts in June (the 21st, called the summer solstice). Fall starts in September (the 21st again I believe, called the Autumnal Equinox).

So officially and technically Paul, you're wrong.

On what godamned planet would something that started June 21st and ends September 20th be almost over on August 8th? Oh that's right, not a single fucking planet in this entire cock-sucking universe. The correct term would be something like "A little more than half over".

Touche on the reverse bear part though.

Me no likey sun
Posted by jenn_in_ireland on Aug 10, 2006
Fuck summer. Give me September over July any day.

I *heart* global warming
Posted by kristian on Aug 10, 2006
I agree with Paul. Let's keep on trucking. There's lots of nice weather ahead of us. And just as it has snowed on May 24, it has also been balmy warm in October (about three years ago we moved on October 1 and wore shorts the whole time). And I say global warming rules in Canada because it's too bloody cold here most of the time. Who cares if polar ice caps are melting, I mean really, how does that affect me? I love unseasonably warm weather in the fall, and the winter for that matter.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 10, 2006
I'm kind of looking forward to walking places and not getting really sweaty while walking there.

And being able to use my oven without turning my apartment into one as well.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 10, 2006
You like global warming? The slow desertification of the earth, ultimately ending in yet another ice age IF humans can survive what comes before it.. This will be the end of our species, barring any human made miracles that allow us to produce enough food for our species without soil to grow it in. This shit keeps me up at night. Oh wow, it's nicer a little bit longer, big woop. The impact on our ONLY home is all because of our short sightedness, what ever happened to providing for our future? It's all because of technology!

This rant brought to you by Red Bull.

Global warming
Posted by kristian on Aug 10, 2006
We all know that global warming is a lie anyway. Scientists have no proof that there is really anything different happening aside from normal cycles of the earth's temperatures. Global warming is a myth propogated by urban hippies to point another finger at George W. and how he is ruining life on this planet. Give me a break.

urban hippy
Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 10, 2006
Nobody needs a evidence of any sort to point a finger at George W. He's just a dumbass.

Posted by bryan on Aug 11, 2006
if you guys keep arguing, the terrorists will win.

As an urban hippy who drives a car 80 km a day (read: total fucking hypocrite)

We are accelerating the death of our planet, and Geoge Bush is a total douchebag, as was his father and Reagan before him.

Posted by bryan on Aug 11, 2006
Is dead. Long live summer!

in my defence
Posted by kristian on Aug 11, 2006
I was in a weird mood yestrday and everything I wrote is a God-damned lie and I don't believe any of it. I just felt like arguing. I hate George W. just as much as the next sane person, obviously global warming is a serious problem that needs more attention, and I am a hippie. Sarcasm is diffult to convey in text.

To get to the bottom of this.....
Posted by corncobrob on Aug 14, 2006
Kris hearts George Bush

thank god(dess)
Posted by Katie on Aug 15, 2006
I was reading that post thinking this is not the Kris I know. And then when I got to the urban hippie comment, I laughed out loud. If you weren't sarcastic, then you were seriously deluded!!

However, your more recent post has put my mind at ease.

Thank you. The world feels more right.

A different perspective
Posted by Aaron on Aug 16, 2006
Being a student, summer is synonymous with "summer break" and for me, "summer" is almost over. Just two-and-a-half weeks left before I'm stuck sweating in a classroom again for the remainder of your actual summer. And while you may have been working steadily through these months, I think that's technically more reason for you not to complain that "summer" is almost over; you've had the consistency of work, brightened by summer sun and warmed by summer air! I, the student, have had blissful boredom for four months which will come to an abrupt end in the first week of September.

Then again, you're probably hearing such complaints from coworkers, in which case you’d be right to inform them of the many days left of this season. However, in support of your basic message, I offer this translation of your hate speech into something a little less counter-productive:

“Hey guys, cheer up! There are still 38 days of summer left, and if you appreciate the beauty of autumn, there are 127 full days left until Winter! Hur-rah!

Your friend,

Aw, much better :)

PS: Hehe. Sorry...

Something's not quite right here....
Posted by Miguel on Aug 16, 2006
"you've had the consistency of work, brightened by summer sun and warmed by summer air!" should actually read:

"you've had the encumbrance of work, away from the summer sun and never feeling the warmth of the summer air"

There, much better!

It's right...
Posted by Aaron on Aug 16, 2006
No, no, I meant the time AROUND work was brightened and such. Working all year round, you'll notice the true length of summer. When work stops for summer and starts back up for the fall (before fall, really), it feels shorter and the sense of its “shortness” is felt that much more, I think. It's "work, freedom, work" vs. "work." Not to make the working people's lives sound like prison or anything, but we're teased with a break and, for most, it sucks when the end is near.

I’m actually looking forward to school, though. Finally got a major I know I’ll enjoy.