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Forum posts for Song Pick of the Week

a bonus song pick
Posted by bryan on Aug 02, 2006
Call to Apathy - The Shins

Hit up my slsk if you want it, bryanp123

This song is about being in a relationship and realizing that the other person doesn't need you specifically, just someone to depend on. It's about realizing that during your time together you haven't been changing together like you thought you were, and that at the end of the day we are all doomed to a life of glorious lonliness.

This song saved my life twice.

The first time I was being attacked by vicious pirhanas, and I found that by blasting it through the speakers of my boat I was able to soothe their hot hearts.

The second time I had allowed myself to be tied up by an evil succubus, turns out this song played backwards will destroy their soul and banish them back to the 9th circle of hell.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 02, 2006
You are never online in soulseek.

What's a good time to find you online in it?

Posted by bryan on Aug 03, 2006
I'll try and leave it on all weekend ( I often turn it off when I start playing World of Warcraft and then forget to turn it back on.) I usually have it on during the day and try to put it on overnight, but that won't be happening now as I'm typing this from Brendan's computer in the far away land of London.