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Forum posts for cheap Toronto eats?

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 12, 2006
Are you looking for a nice sit down place? A place that while not nice looking, has great food and mostly clean seating. :) Or grab and go type stuff?

Some Reccomendations
Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 12, 2006
1 - The best Falafel in town (no matter what retards might tell you) - Sarah's Falafel & Shawarma (487 Bloor West, 416-975-9986). For $2.99 you can have a delicious warm Falafel sandwich. Nobody does it better.

2 - Near your hotel, there is a nice Moroccan place called - The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc 49 Front St East Toronto, ON M5E1B5 Phone: (416) 961-0601. I have been here for a few business dinners and really I am not overly familiar with the prices. I think you can get main courses for about $12, and the food is delicious, but if you aren't a fan of couscous then don't bother. It seems that every damn dish has it as an ingredient.

3 - Kilgour's - Kilgour's Bar Meets Grill 509 Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON M5S1Y2
Phone: (416) 923-7680 This has to be one of my favourite places to eat in Toronto. Delicious for a burger or some simple pub food, usually with a twist. The beer isn't expensive, and neither are the meals. A great place to relax on the patio. Be prepared for the owner, manager or several other patrons to join in whatever you are discussing. The patio is like an open invitation for people to join your conversation. PS TIP YOUR WAITER, or he will chase you into the street.

4 - ANYTHING KOREAN - Korean food is GODDAMN CHEAP.. almost universally. I am not sure why this is, in Vancouver it is expensive but not in the Tdot. So take advantage. (Korea town is between Bathurst and Christie in Toronto)

Thats my quick rundown, if you want some more info get more specific.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 12, 2006
If you are treating, or want to try something different. I will take you guys to my good buddy Cheung Sik's place Se Jeong. They have Japanese and Korean food specializing in Korean BBQ. Charcoal BBQ at your table is always good times.

The original cheap eats article
Posted by phduffy on Jul 12, 2006

What the ... ???
Posted by Mona on Jul 13, 2006
Okay, I'm doing something wrong. 3rd time lucky. Post didn't show up.
alltogethernow - will take you up on your offer. Take us out to eat. Korean,
downtown, Tuesday, Aug 18. Sounds good to me.

Mona its a date...
Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 14, 2006
But please let me check my schedule first for that exact night...
I am taking care of a group of spanish teenagers all summer... so I am a busy man trying to keep them from drinking and having sex all the time..

Anyhow.. if any other torontoians would like to join us post a message here and i will talk to Cheung Sik for a nice reservation....