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Forum posts for advice of the day for july 5th, 2006

Posted by jenn_in_ireland on Jul 05, 2006
Go to hell with Superman?


you're talking crazy talk.

Crazy? Or is it so sane it's blowing you
Posted by crux on Jul 05, 2006
If I had to go to hell with someone it would probably be Superman.

Or maybe Batman. Yah. I'd go to hell with Batman.

r mind?
Posted by crux on Jul 05, 2006
Haha. I like how the subject line cut off. Any chance of extending the character length on that field Pete? Anyway, see the subject of this post for the continuation of the subject from the previous post.

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
I blame the last pitcher.

It's lyrics to do what you want by bad religion. PUNK AS FUCK.

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
Bad Religion is wrong, Crux is right.

Frank Miller's Batman would make a much better partner for a trip into hell.

especially if you had to stab the devil in the heart with a poisoned dagger or something.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2006
The question of which super-hero you'd want in hell is an interesting one.

First, let me say this. I love Batman. I FUCKING LOVE HIM.
However, I don't think it makes sense to take him to hell. I mean, he has no powers?

So, who do you take to hell...

At first glance, Superman seems like a good choice, until you remember that:
a) he's weak against magic based attacks
b) he needs the sun to keep his powers

So, who's next? DC's other heavy-hitter is J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, who has pretty much the same powers as Superman, plus he can shape shift.

And he only has one weakness.... which is fire.
So he's out.

I thought about Green Lantern, but if we go with the ring that can't stop yellow lantern, he'd get smoked by some yellow demons and flames.

I don't think Wonder Woman's power level would match up.

If we ignore the magic based beings (Dr. Fate, Sandman, Dr. Strange, etc), simply because we don't know enough about them, I think that Captain Marvel (occasionally know as Shazam!) is your best bet. The only problem is that he's somewhat naive, and I'm not sure how well he'd stand up to the gruesome hellfires of .... shit...... of hell I guess.

Other candidates might be Spawn (you don't have the guts!).... and ... .Thor maybe? Can't really think of anyone from Marvel with the required power level. I'm not convinced that psychic powers would work in hell.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2006
I've got it!!


Posted by Numinous on Jul 05, 2006
fire melts ice...

take aquaman...... sure there is no water in hell but if you meet up with any fish demons down there, the devil is going to be some kinda fucked.

if there are no fish demons.....

make a deal and just sac aquaman's soul for shits and giggles.

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
How much do you know about hell? How much do you think Dr. Stephen Strange knows about hell? My bet is a whole shitload more, as deemed necessary by a legion of writers liberally applying magic to plotholes the size of sub-compact SUV's.

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
We should get a crack team of comic writers working on this right away.

Aquaman: Sold up the River Styx!

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2006
How much do you know about hell? How much do you think Dr. Stephen Strange knows about hell?

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that Dr. Strange doesn't know about hell. I'm saying that he's too much of a wildcard. If you're going to hell, which is literraly the incarnation of every bad thing you can think of, and you have a choice between a superhuman greek god, or a guy with a cape who probably will be okay, but might not be okay, or might decide that he wants to rule hell by overtaking the devil... .who do you pick? I'm saying, stay away from the wildcard

my 2 cents
Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 05, 2006
First I would like to say ... GEEEEEEEEEKS!
It's obvious who would be the best to have with you in hell...
Really I think you are missing the best choices...

1 - The Sandman
For a time he was the sole proprietor of Hell, so he should know his way around. Shit people might even remember him as their former dark lord and master. They will give you lots of props for hanging around with him.

2 - Lobo
A wild card to be sure, but as long as you have a good contract with him he should behave most of the time. He is crazy, kills whole planets for the fun of it and has been to hell before. The devil kicked him out for some reason that evades my memory, but the point is this bloodthirsty psycho would be right at home amoung the eternity of torments sinner's souls receive.

Shit people think! Thor.. Aquaman?.. fuuuuuuuuck

A few other points I'm stealing from som
Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2006

Satanna is the daughter of Satan.

And Hellstorm (AKA Son of Satan) is the Son of Satan.

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
Dream is not a good idea, because if I recall correctly he left hell on bad terms with lucifer + a host of other demons.

I may have to do some re-reading tonight. OR MAYBE I DIDNT READ FAR ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
if we are branching out... I'd take optimus prime and cup. those bitches don't have souls for the devil to corrupt.

Fuck needing a title. Fix this shit.
Posted by Thrillhouse on Jul 05, 2006
Captain Marvel (occasionally know as Shazam!)

Take Shaq.

That is all.

Posted by phduffy on Jul 05, 2006
pretty much the entire point of all the Sandman stories is that he can't ever make up his damned mind about anything. I don't see that working as the king of hell (not to mention the fact that he left Hell in the charge of two angels).

And he's dead.

he's not dead, he's sleeping
Posted by bryan on Jul 05, 2006
And dreaming.

Posted by kristian on Jul 06, 2006
I'm taking Pooty Tang.

I win
Posted by Miguel on Jul 06, 2006
By cheating and going with an insane uber-violent japanese manga and anime hero.


No, i win
Posted by weberm1 on Jul 06, 2006
Ok, i don't even know half of what you geeks are talking about, but i'm going with Molecule man.

i have no idea what his weaknesses are, aside from being nerdy, so someone can help me out here.

but really, he could CHANGE hell.

Posted by bryan on Jul 06, 2006