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Forum posts for Review of Nacho Libre

fart sounds ARE funny
Posted by Katie on Jun 21, 2006
Just ask Carrie. Farts are hilarious. Why though? I'll tell you.

They're not funny for the sound they make, what's funny is the reaction the sound elicits from the other people listening.

That's hilarious. Especially if that person is unreasonably pissed off that you just farted. People like you Paul. You perpetuate the myth that fart sounds are funny even though you don't find them funny yourself.

I second that
Posted by kristian on Jun 21, 2006
Seriously Paul, farts are hi-larious. Try farting in a quiet public place, like a library or an elevator. First of all, no one will yell at you because farrting is such a social stigma. And you will think it's funny, and so will your friends, and I'm willing to bet a lot of the strangers with you will think it's funny, so long as they aren't forced to bask in the smell.

Just ask the cab driver in Ottawa.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jun 21, 2006
My trainer at work looks like Jack Black. It makes me giggle in class.

I don't know anything about farting
Posted by corncobrob on Jun 21, 2006
And I certainly haven't ever farted in a library.

Especially the Dana Porter library during exam time.

And I would be disgusted to hear if others have farted in the library, especially Kris and/or Katie. You ladies are far too dignified to do something as disgraceful as that.

Posted by Palmer on Jun 22, 2006
I can confirm that Carrie has never farted. LIving with her, I never smelled or heard anything funny after she consumed some brocolli, Kraft Dinner, or some Cheetos.