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Forum posts for Join me for a near-death experience!

Posted by weberm1 on Jun 19, 2006
i would just like to state for the record, that though i am in toronto, i am not a pussy. This sounds FANTASTIC, but i have to show my parents around toronto. Enjoy though Trev.

and really, if you aren't dead, you and jess should come out saturday night. she has all the info.

if you didn't know
Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 26, 2006
I survived and it was AMAZING!
I really encourage everyone to try...
They made me a free DVD for organizing the group and I am currently working on ripping, and editing it down a little so that i can post it online...


I will be organizing another trip soon... so if you are into trying I encourage you to contact me soon... July 22nd or mid-August seems likely...

To explain something - Tandem Skydiving is pretty expensive and here is why:
The cost (with my discount) is $249... Many people have said that they can go skydiving for $150 which is true but there is a big difference in the experience...

Tandem - $249
13,500 ft.
50 second Free Fall
20 minutes of training
You have to do nothing.. just enjoy the ride

Solo - $150
3,000 ft (first jump)
NO Free Fall
6 hours of training
all the responsibility for not dying is on you...

So thats the basics.. really SERIOUSLY you should try it.. it is really overall a very safe experience... and you will be high off the adrenaline for a few hours afterward.. GOOD TIMES.. contact me soon, if i can get substancial numbers we may be able to obtain a better discount..

Posted by phduffy on Jun 26, 2006
What's free fall?

I thought that was where you fell without the shoot.
If you jump yourself you have to pull the shoot right away?

Yes and yes
Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 26, 2006
If you go solo your very first time you have the shoot pulled for you by a kind of wire-device thing that is attached to the plane..

this is due to the fact that people can forget...
i think really you get about 5 or 6 seconds of free fall before it pulls..
i can ask my older brother because he did it this way

You can train-up to do it solo from higher and higher, but that is a progression thing where you have to get certified to do everything... its a process