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Forum posts for Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2006
I enjoyed X III and don't really understand the complaints of people who liked the first 2 but not the 3rd one.

* Beast was AWESOME!!! So cool. Way cooler than Nightcrawler. Well, I suppose this is true if you actually like the Beast better than Nightcrawler.

I liked Beast too. Although I don't really understand why Nightcrawler wasn't in this movie. I guess it's explained in the video game, but fuck that.

* Decent ending (? if it is?) to the whole mutant vs. human storyline. The 3 movies revolve around it - I can see the next movie just focussing more on one villain (ala James Bond).

Yeah, that's a good point. They could continue that theme, but it may be time to move on.

* Storm - Hey! She got to speak in this movie!
Yeah. I thought I'd hate her in this movie, as I was kind of fed up with hearing stories about her bitching about her lack of role, but she's fine in this one.

Well, if you're fan of the comic books, then this movie may irk you a little because it goes against comic lore in a few ways. But if you don't read the books, then you will probably find it enjoyable (as many friends have).

I guess this is true, but on the other hand, comics like X-Men, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc, have been around for so long that it's pretty much impossible not to go against the lore. Yeah, the X-Men movies may do it more than most, but there's probably no way in which they could make a movie that's not against lore. What does Iceman or Angel being younger than Scott and Jean do to the movie? Not much. (Of course, this movie, like the Batman movies, had a character who'd appeared in an earlier movie as played by a different actor - Beast and Two-Face respectively).

Angel - Come on. Did he even speak in the movie? Way too little screen time. Should have been cut out of the movie.

He exists so that the plot of this movie exists. He's there so that someone develops a cure for the mutant gene.

More characters like Angel - A slew of characters introduced for little or no reason.

Meh, I kind of like this about the X-Men. They don't have to have a reason or an origin.. I have a power. I was born that way. Done!

Deaths - Am I spoiling the movie if I say someone dies? So be it. Someone dies. Kind of unnecessary.

I didn't mind the deaths. Although I do think that the last one could have been handled better.

Unfortunately, the movie blew in terms of what we know of existing storylines. I think the whole Phoenix storyline was lame, especially with Jean just standing there zoned out half the time.

I'd grant the second sentence, but I'm not sure about the first. I think the problem is that in the previous movies they didn't build up the Phoenix saga enough.

As for characters...Wolverine seems a little too at ease with himself in this one, give him some edge! Also, Rogue, get the heck out of this franchise. You're cool in the comics, not so cool in the movies.

Not sure what you mean about Wolverine... I did like that he goes on these murderous rampages while fighting the bad mutants, and there's no blood anywhere. I think Rogue has been undertutilized. I mean, in this movie, you've got a mutant who is the most powerful in history. And the X-Men are a bunch of kids, a guy with claws, and a someone who can make it rain.

So, what do you do when the one mutant would literally stop the bad mutant just by touching her wants to leave? You say "Do it. Do It"

Um... how about she stops the destruction of the world first, then she does it?

Storm's hair is dumb
Posted by cosmicfish on Jun 16, 2006
and she is supposed to be Brazilian (here I am pushing my glasses up on my nose).

How many comics turned movie are there?

1) Batman (x6)
2) Superman (x5)
3) Spiderman
4) X-Men
5) Sin City
6) Spawn
7) Ghost World
8) Daredevil
9) Hulk
10) Fantastic Four
11) Hellboy
12) Catwoman
13) Aeon Flux
14) Blade
15) Constantine
16) Ghost Rider
17) Flash
18) Dick Tracy
19) Blade
20) V for Vendetta
21) ...

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2006
and she is supposed to be Brazilian (here I am pushing my glasses up on my nose).

No, she's not. She was born in New York to Kenyian parents and moved to Egypt at the age of 6 months, before moving back to Kenya.

Other comic book movies:

History of Violence
Road to Perdition
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
From Hell
Swamp Thing
The Punisher
The Crow
Ghost World
Men In Black

Posted by mike on Jun 16, 2006
I'm not asking for a lot from this movie... which I haven't seen yet, but expect to be awesome..

I require that Juggernaut be stupendously powerful and only overcome through his own stupidity and telepathic attacks. He maust also exclaim at least once "I'm not a mutant, my powers are magical!", like a jackass. It would be awesome if he ran into the Blob and richocetted (??Spelling) off without being stopped and without moving the Blob. Unfortunately I don't think the Blob is in the movie.

Unfotunately I was hoping that they were going to completely ignore the crapass Pheonix storyline. They didn't. I am dissapointed, very dissapointed.

Instead of the Pheonex storyline here are a number of things that would be A TRILLION (Yes 1000000000000) times better to incorporate into a movie:
-Apocolypse - c/w 4 horsemen
-Something awesome involving the Juggernaut and Black Tom
-Leech being more powerful than rogue... and pretty much everybody.
-Bishop throwing cards and blowing shit up.
-The Blob being in the movie.
-Mr. Sinister and his ridiculous obsession with Summers (his own?) DNA
-That guy who kicked teh hell out of Juggernaut... you know... Charlie's son. Moira McTaggart an all that.
-Rogue turns bad for a while and puts Ms. Marvel into a coma thereby recieving the continued ability to fly and be super strong. And feels bad/conflicted about it.

There is so much they could do!

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2006
-Bishop throwing cards and blowing shit up.

Bishop? Am I confused? Bishop is the black mutant from the future with a gun. Gambit is the card-throwing one. And he sucks.

Posted by Palmer on Jun 16, 2006
Who sucks? Gambit or Bishop?

Either way, they both rock.

after thinking about this more and more, I think the movie would have been great if they got rid of the Phoenix storyline and saved it for another movie. Then they could have done it justice.

I understand that with so many comics out there, they themselves mess aroudn with their own stories, but the Phoenix Saga was THE X-Men story, if not one of the best in the entire Marvel Universe (if not best, at least well known).

Also, I totally agree on the whole Rogue thing...I think she's been used badly since the first movie. That irked me. Let her kick some ass like she should.

Considering the end of the movie (after credits) I can see the next storyline involving Legion (aka Prof. X's son) since he's always a good villain to see. Not as cool as Magneto, but cool in his all-powerful powers.

moi cheris
Posted by fanoom on Jun 16, 2006
How could you say such a thing about Gambit, with his sexy biyou accent. Him and the other teives will get you!

And in my opinion the juggernaught sucked ass. He's one of my favourite villians, but he's way too small in this roll. But he does get to say "Do you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaught Bitch!" Which made me giggle like a little school girl.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2006
Gambit sucks, not Bishop. Gambit is a whining crappy-accented douchebag.

A bigger Juggernaut, and a Juggernaut/Blob face off would obviously have been pretty cool.

The Dark Phoenix saga is over 25 years old. Most of the people who went to this movie weren't even born when it came out.