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Forum posts for Two of the best video games of all time

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 04, 2003
Perhaps you forgot about the spectacularness that is Mario 3. First seen in the awesome movie "The Wizard", and then seen again in living rooms across the world.

Tanooki suits? Hammerbrother suits? FROG SUITS??? It had them all as I think it was arguably one of the best single player console games in history. Usually that type of platformer never get's replayed a whole lot, but god damn, it had replay value even back then.

Usually you do the first world, second, then warp from the third after that other whistle, but you didn' t have to, you could tough it out, start late in the PM and try to do it all the way through no whistles allowed.

Anyhow, I never played Bionic Commando, though I thought someone had told me that they were actually making another one...

I do agree that Mega Man 2 kicks serious ass however.

Please read more carefully
Posted by phduffy on Nov 05, 2003
You'll notice that I mentioned that they were the two best platformers that dind't include Mario.
Hence, Mario 3 was not an option.
It is a goodness.
But so is Bionic Commando.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 05, 2003
Son of a bitch. My bad. I totally missed that line the first time I read it.

But What About . . .
Posted by nszyngie on Nov 06, 2003
Okay, I never owned an NES, but still play RC Pro-AM on my lame-o computer (I played last week!). So that is my vote for NES.
However, I see no mention of the infamous and far-superior SMS. Oh yes, my friends, the Sega Master System.
Thus, my vote goes to Alex Kidd in Miracle World, AND Wondey Boy III.
Alex Kidd rocks because his fist is the size of his head AND body, so he will blops all the baddies AND Mega Man into 8-bit heaven. It is an impossibly long game, but lots of cool stuff to do - you even get to play rock paper scissors with a dude that has three fingers attached to the top of his head! So there!
And Wonder Boy III was way-awesome because you got to be LionMan, PiranahaMan, regularman, um . . . ZebraMan?? No, that can't be right. You morphed into nuff characters to help you pursue your quest of . . . saving something, or collecting something. Again, another wicked long game, with password save capabilites . . .
And those are my two cents.

Damn passwords
Posted by Nerhael on Nov 06, 2003
I had totally forgotten about the password save systems of old school NES. THe mega man grid system, and alphanumeric codes used by other games. Think old metroid was like that.

I also used to play a ridiculous amount of RC Pro Am. Few games managed to have that same sense of handling and sliding around a corner that that game gave you... Plus you got to shoot your opponents!!

Sega Sucks
Posted by phduffy on Nov 07, 2003
Okay, Wonderboy was awesome on the Sega, but that's about it. It may have been a better technical system, I'm not really sure, but there weren't anywhere near as many good games, and their top games weren't up to the quality of the NES games. I think that's the difference between the Sega and the Gamecube. While it's true that PS2 has way more games, at least the top quality games on the Gamecube (Viewtiful Joe, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid, etc) are as good or better as anything on the PS2.
And anyone that buys an Xbox is just wasting their money.

pass the crack pipe
Posted by nszyngie on Nov 10, 2003
You're on fucking crack. how do you jump from Sega vs. NES to Sega vs. Gamecube to PS2 vs Gamecube? Yeah, that's what i thought.
Despite that fact that you think NES is superior despite the technical advantage held by Sega (???wtf???) I stand firm that from the 8-bit generation, Sega reigns supreme. NES had lots of games, sure, but ALOT of them were shite. Sega's basic level of quality was far higher than NES. Shit man, have you ever played Captain Silver? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Anyways, this SMS v. NES argument is too old, I have defended Sega from day one, on the elementary school yard with chains and bats. So I can admit I am quite biased on this one. Doesn't matter though, I know I am right.

No shame
Posted by phduffy on Nov 10, 2003
Aight, there's no shame in owning a Sega. There were good games for the master system, and they're a great third party developer. But, I'll bet we could list 25, 50, hell maybe even 100 good to great games for the NES, and I don't think you could get that many with Sega. Hell, here's a list just off the top of my head, without even searching anything on the internet
Bionic Commando
Megaman 1-6 (2 is great, but the rest are all at least good)
Mario 1,2,3
Duck Hunt
Final Fantasy
Dragon Warrior 1-4
Super Dodge Ball
Ice Hockey
Blades of Steel
Techmo Bowl
RC Pro Am
Punch Out
Excite Bike
Zelda 1 and 2
Gauntlet (Ok, just joking, wanted to see if you were paying attention)
Cobra Triangle
Castlevania 1,2,3
Okay, that's all for now, but that's 30 games just off the top of my head! I'm sure if we all combined we could get up to 100 good to great games. Now, some of these games may not have stood the test of time (DW 1, Cobra Triangle, Contra...), but at the time they came out they were all good to great.