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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for May 19th 2006!

2 things
Posted by alltogethernow on May 19, 2006
1 - Tonight if you are in Toronto I am having a pubnight for my school. The first location is a Korean bar 'Friends' above Se Jeong restaurant near Christie subway station (658 Bloor St. West). I will be there from about 7 to 9. Pay $20 and get food and drink. From 10 to 12 I will be at Suba Club at College and Spadina (292 College St. West). If you tell the bouncer you know me you can get in with no cover. I might even be able to provide some free shots.

2 - If you didn't know the world is going to end May 25th of this month. According to former Air Traffic Controller Eric Julien. He had a vision that an asteroid, or a piece of an asteroid destroying earth. So to commemorate this important event me and Jessica have decided to throw and End of the World Partay.....

May25th, around 7 pm please show up at my place and drink until the asteroid hits. If you can't make it you might want to check Eric's website for safety information.

Please join us... if the world is going to end it's best you enjoy your last moment with good friends, hard drink and smokable goods.

THANKS .. Thats all for now, enjoy your May 24!

Regarding the website of the day...
Posted by kristian on May 19, 2006
First, make sure it's up loud.

Second, I have heard Indian dancing described as screwing in a light bulb with one hand and patting a dog with the other. Classic.