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Forum posts for May 24

Posted by Nerhael on May 11, 2006
I'd be interested in pretty much any of those except like the lake one. Don't think hte lake is that warm this time of year is it?

I'd also like to combine item 6 with any of hte other items. Possibly all.

Also, I'd propose biking as another activity for those that can do so.

Posted by fanoom on May 11, 2006
Well, I was going to mention biking but knowing the physical nature of our friends I figured that it would be just you and I biking anyways, I was thinking of checking out the Paisley track

Count me out :(
Posted by pudding on May 11, 2006
I think I might stick around Toronto for the May 24. I have never stayed in the city for a long weekend and figure I might mix it up this time.

Plus I have a bunch of family stuff to go to in early June and don't want to go home 3 weeks in a row.

If anyone will be around the city let me know.

Posted by Numinous on May 11, 2006
sorry but I think you will have to count me out for this one as I will be working....... woot retail.

in the lake..
Posted by krys on May 11, 2006
you can totally swim in the lake on may 24.. i have done it before.. last year actually..

Matt has swam in it when there was ice still a-float!

Long Weekend
Posted by James H> on May 12, 2006
I think I will be coming home at some point, somehow.

Spice Weasel
Posted by mike on May 15, 2006
I'll be around. Awesomeness will ensue. Would there be any interest in just walking throught Allan Park? Biking is hard on the crotch.

An optimum weekend would also involve cutting out a whole bunch of deadwood, lighting it in fire, and drinking beer near it.