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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for May 10th 2006!

Please clarify
Posted by mike on May 10, 2006
Chicken wings make me feel not hungry. How exactly do they make you feel that is so bad?

For instance I decided to put chick peas into the spaghetti sauce that I made on Suday because they only cost 0.69. I had heard of them, I assumed they were like a bean or something, and I assumed it would add volume to the sauce. They made me feel dissappointed. They didn't taste that great and screwed up the texture. Initially I felt skeptical that they could have actually ruined my efforts, then I felt enraged because the had screwed up the sauce and I would have to eat a whole bunch of it over the next while, the I settled on feeling dissapointed becasue it really wasn't the end of the world.

What feeling do chicken wings give you that made it advice worthy?

Chick peas
Posted by Nerhael on May 10, 2006
How long do you cook your sauce for?

I put them into my sauces, but I tend to let my sauce cook for hours and hours, so they aren't nearly as hard as when they come out of the can.

hours and hours
Posted by mike on May 10, 2006
I seem to recall letting it simmer for a few hours. They did soften a bit. After I tried it and didn't like it I spent some time trying to crush them with the stirring spoon thing, but there were just too many.

It just wasn't a good deal. I am convinced that it would have been the greatest batch yet without them.

Posted by cosmicfish on May 10, 2006