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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for May 3rd 2006!

Posted by Katie on May 03, 2006
Mr. T is getting his own tv show called.........

"I pity the Fool"

the code
Posted by cosmicfish on May 03, 2006
That book takes as much brains to read as a Harlequin Romance.

Sweet deals on DVDs
Posted by phduffy on May 03, 2006

Posted by bryan on May 03, 2006
Curved towards the face for easy insertion = witness the genius of god's creation

Posted by krys on May 03, 2006
I heard about Mr.T's show today.....
He travels around the states giving out advice to people with "life problems"

...apparently he might be the new Dr.Phil.......??

Garfield Random Strip Generator
Posted by Thrillhouse on May 04, 2006
A friend of mine showed me a website a few months ago that took random panels from Garfield strips and put them together to create a "new" strip, usually way funnier than Garfield could ever hope. Unfortunately, Jim Davis' lawyers found the site and made them take it down for copyright violations. But, I did manage to find a site that had saved a few of these randomized strips that show just a sliver of the potential of the site.